Monday, 31 December 2012

Week 51,52 CW results (17.12.12 - 30.12.12)

As ActinD is now inactive from swat and all that stuff. I (Troczu) will make alone the CW results from now on.

JF|| vs aq| 1 : 5
aq| vs <RUS1> 3 : 1
JF|| vs DoK|» 4 : 0

aq| vs {P_R} 9 : 7
JF|| vs aq| 3 : 4
JF|| vs {WRS} 18 : 6
{WRS} vs «|SoH|» 10 : 1
<RUS1> vs DoK|» 7 : 1

aq| vs DoK|» 134 : 30
aq| vs DoK|» 233 : 135
aq| vs |URT| 67 : 45
«|PGÖ|» vs |»JP«| 264 : 199
«|PGÖ|» vs LastOne| 291 : 199
«|PGÖ|» vs LastOne| 91 : 47
DoK|» vs 1Shot| 184 : 149
|XF| vs <RUS1>  212 : 168

KL VIP Tournament
Nothing has been changed for that two weeks.

Mini RD Tournament
S4N vs {EPIC} 4 : 0
S4N vs JF|| 2 : 2

Sunday, 30 December 2012

UAC xmas presents

Summary of latest UAC cheaters:
Regarding the quiz question on the right side, unfortunately the only correct answer is the last one. All of those clans have players who were caught by UAC. And honestly, some votes seem like pure trolling.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mods and maps for SWAT4 (TSS)

Several SWAT4 mods have been released over the past years changing many aspects of the game, mainly realism, improving AI, gun sounds, adding whole new maps, guns and equipment, etc. Though they can be usually used also in competitive MP modes, it is more likely to enjoy them in CO-OP mode or single player. Let's have a short look at some of them. Each mod contains also a working link, where you can download it. Note that most of mods (unlike maps) require TSS expansion pack.

SAS mod - one of the newest mods, published in 2012. Unlike other mods, there is at least one dedicated server running in CO-OP mode (check the SAS 1.0 tab in Mark's server list here). I've even seen people playing there.

SSF mod 3.2 - The Sheriff's Special Forces, a complex mod with a 200 MB installation file.

HSME mod 2.0 - mod prepared by once best download site for SWAT4 and SWAT3 Occasionally, there is a server running in this mod too - check the Mark's server list linked above to see if you have luck to catch it online. I found also a version labeled 3.0 of this mod, strangely enough you cannot get it on HSM site but here.

Canadian Forces Direct Action - rather than a mod this is a complete remake of SWAT4, originally prepared for Canadian army's recruiting (and maybe also tac-training purposes). I found 3 versions of this mod: 1.0, 3.0 and 4.1. Unluckily, while installing I get a message that TSS is not on my computer (while it is). Mod shall contain large outdoor maps and scoped weaponry.

As a bonus, here are the best sites for SWAT4 (TSS) content - feel free to check them on your own:
  • - classic download site for SWAT3 and SWAT4. Many file links are broken, but still you can find enough interesting content after registration
  • - DSK clan website with huge archive of maps, mods, skins, tools
  • - popular MOD site for many games, including SWAT4 and TSS datadisc
  • - tens of multi-player maps (BS, RD, VIP, maybe S&G too)
  • - German web with many SP and MP maps and other S3 and S4 content
  • Desrat downloader - the application we already wrote about.
Happy exploring!

Monday, 24 December 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Cartel Team, »Cartel« (old name Amina qoyiM aq| )
Primary SWAT Game Mode: Rapid Deployment and VIP 1.0
Date Clan was founded: 29 November 2012
Past + Current Leader(s): There is no clan leader. All are equal.
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
Major Tournament(s) participated in: n/a
Best general out-clan war performance: vs {TRS} won (RD)
Clan video link(s): n/a
Clan motto: Turkey's Most Powerful Clan
Clan website: gametracker, xfire group

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Just Frags! JF||
Primary SWAT Game Mode: VIP Escort 1.0
Date Clan was founded: 16.09.2012
Past + Current Leader(s): ActinD & HelioS
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
Major Tournament(s) participated in: SWAT 4 1.1 BS Tournament 2012 (ActinD and Helios as AGL, we lost all matches, but it was nice tourney :) ), SWAT 4 VIP Tournament - Powered by KahunaLand (for now we are in semifinals)
Best general out-clan war performance: Oww, I don't know. All matches you can check here
Clan video link(s): Not yet, just ActinD's Colt Python Frag Movie
Clan motto: Keep calm and Just Frags!
Clan website:

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

|WM| Awards conclusion

After two weeks of voting, World Mafia's coveted yearly award ceremony took place earlier today. Although there were 16 categories, below are the SWAT-based results:

  • Most Useless player in SWAT 4 - «|SoH|»Raptor with just under 30% of the votes. If you are wondering why, you maybe shouldn't be playing this game.
  • Most Useless player in SWAT 4 for |WM| - Nagi and Xavii shared the award.
  • Most Valuable player in SWAT 4{SoE}PimpMyGun, for another year of continued dedication towards SWAT 4 tournaments.
  • Most Valuable player in SWAT 4 for |WM| - Charfire was the overwhelming winner with 70% of the votes.
  • Biggest skill boost in SWAT 4 - Ex-KL recruit Kross won this accolade with over half of the overall voters nominating him.
  • Most "Noobish" clan in SWAT 4 - After the recent drama in the ongoing KL Tournament, Polska Grupa Operacyjna «|PGO|» overtook SoH in unsurprising circumstances to be crowned this year's "winner".
  • Most Valuable clan in SWAT 4  - Just Frags JF|| and Kahuna Land {KL} shared the award.
  • Cheater of the Year in SWAT 4 - Polish shooter Sonny won the final award.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

SWAT 4 Simulator

The author of SWAT 4 Manager 2012 has gone one step further with a new Powerpoint-based game entitled "SWAT 4 Simulator". Instead of being based on individual reality where you chose a clan, this game is all about building your own war team, and playing wars via simulation. Just like before, you will ideally require the 2010 PP software version to fully enjoy it. Download (its 10x bigger than last one), unzip, open her up, press f5 and enjoy!

>>Download from Here<<

P.S. Remember to share the team you built in the comments section!

Friday, 14 December 2012

|»DFX«| moves to 1.0, cheaters still inside

New Polish 1.0 clan emerged on the scene. New meaning having new name and old cheaters inside. Let's have a closer look. They are named {EsH} Elite Squad Hooligans. Cheaters in it come from |»DFX«| clan, which was its predecessor on 1.1. Now, looking for a new home they landed on 1.0 soil. {EsH}Czapa is no one else than |»DFX«|Johnny introduced on our blog recently. While playing on their BS server for a couple of rounds, I noticed {EsH}Angel having no-recoil. And now comes the funny part - I got banned because these two (plus some |URT|Malina) accused me of cheating. Their admin Wujek (also ex-DFX), joined server and banned me instantly. Apparently, he has high trust in cheaters though they killed his previous clan. For all fair players in this clan this should be a message on what team-mates they have.

UPDATE: another ESH player jasiek was caught by UAC during match against HAVOC team - link.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mini RD tournament on new maps (UPDATED)

I've been thinking about organizing a little Rapid Deployment tournament. Its basic idea would be similar to a BS tournament organized by nRx clan early this year:

  • only one NEW map would be played
  • small number of teams, 3-6.
  • 4vs4+ (if both teams agree, also 3vs3 would be accepted)
  • short length of tournament, 1-2 weeks but max. 1 month.
UPDATE: as there are already at least 3 teams participating (JF, MG and FoX+mix) I created a forum on a well-known tournament site. It is still under construction but u can start checking it out. Registrations will be opened till Sunday or till 6 teams sign. More info at Also please vote for the map to be played here.

Monday, 10 December 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Xtreme Fire, |XF|
Primary SWAT Game Mode: Barricaded Suspects 1.1
Date Clan was founded: 18th December 2011
Past + Current Leader(s): |XF|Honeybeeh & |XF|Elias
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
Major Tournament(s) participated in: n/a
Best general out-clan war performance: |XF| vs Green Street Elite - 198:104
Clan video link(s): Clan Video
Clan motto: Make it Happen
Clan website:

Sunday, 9 December 2012

MarkieBoy's in-game server fix without ACM

Today, MarkieBoy released a tutorial on how to add his in-game server list without the need to install also ACM mod. It is pretty easy - just copying one file and editing another. If you wish to use this server browser but you are not a fan of ACM mod (which contains also some features seen by hard-core SWAT players as cheats) check and follow this thread:

UPDATE: new ACM version 4 was released today which fixes some bugs in Mark's server browser. If you want to use it without ACM, get the latest file MMServerList.u here and follow the tutorial linked above. For version with ACM, go here.

 Bugs fixed:
  • sorting by ping is fixed
  • player nicknames should be working now
  • joining password protected servers joining through direct IP is fixed too

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Another double-clanner

USA SWAT Team super admin Fever is also one of the leaders of Third Echelon T3 clan, under the nickname Whelen. While changing his status to "AFK" in US, the 300-ping Indonesian actively runs T3, posting regularly on their forums and occasionally appearing on server. 

Although an acting leader of US claims he knows this information, he also had said 8 months ago that "in US we don't allow people to be in more then one Swat-clan". So either there is no consistency or the identity of the double-clanner was never really known until now. SWAT 4 is dieing and topics such as double-clanning may not seem as important now, but for people's interest this is shared. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Maanas caught by UAC, K4E exleader busted again

Remember the article showing Maanas with no-recoil? This guy, boasting with cheating while using names of other players (including mine), got caught also by UAC yesterday upon joining "suspectsheaven" matchid. He used the same account "new2swat" that he had registered for the IST team in the KL VIP tournament. Funny is that right after being caught he checked this blog if there is any info on this already. Well Maanas, sorry I let you wait for your next 15 minutes of shame.

Ex-leader of  |K4E|Kill4Enemy clan Paradox joined clan with similar tag - |K44| and changed his nickname to NeXuS. Shortly he was also in JP clan lead by another multicheater reported on this blog recently. It seems that every December Paradox is struck by inevitable urge to cheat. His previous catch was almost exactly a year ago with name dragio30009, last week he successfully added his current account Paradoxxx111 to the cheaters list.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

UAC3 anticheat usage tips - Part 2/2

Let's continue in UAC usage tips started here. Today it will focus on match review on UAC website. i am assuming that you found your match already and see something like this:
Remember, every icon has a tooltip describing its meaning, so only the most important are explained here. The screen above consists of 2 main sections:


A. List of players (upper section):

  • Player tag (if he set it in his profile) name with status icon and country flag
  • Date and time of first and last player activity on the given match ID
  • Number of scans
  • Cheat status of player's screens in the given match ID. For cheaters (on any match id), also a cheater icon is displayed.
  • Tools icons:
    • Player icon linking to his profile

    • Screenshot icon. Interesting only when blue square is displayed, which means that player made no screens at all on the given match
    • Session icons, possible icons are:
      • Player had only one session in this match (no UAC restart, all was OK)
      • Player had more sessions in this match (all of them were finished correctly)
      • At least one session of this player on the given match ID was interrupted unexpectedly (UAC process crashed or was kill by the player).

    Sessions detail
    None of these session icons is necessarily suspicious, but the latter two require further investigation. To do so, click on the icon to see session log of the player. You will see a list of something like this:
    Here you can see details of each session of the selected player in the current match - when it started and stopped, it it was stopped normally (blue icon) or killed (pink icon). Focus on time gaps between separate sessions. On a matchid used for public server game-play it is perfectly okay to have high gaps, meaning the player uses the same match id repeatedly when he plays on a certain server. But in a match created for a clan war this might mean that player was not using UAC all the time. Gap lasting couple of minutes is okay (game or UAC crashed), but lasting for a significant part of the match is probably not.


    B. List of scans (lower section):

    After the match make sure the player uploaded his screens. UAC detects cheats also without this upload, but the player can use one PC to run game and another to run UAC. Unless he uploads screens and you check they are taken from the expected game server such UAC check can be useless. You do this in this section where you can see list of all screens made by players in the match:
    • Player name with status icon and flag
    • Screen date and time
    • Scan result icon (clean/cheat)
    • Colour flag icon (indicates how many times a screen was flagged by users. Other colour than green is then inspected by UAC admins)
    • Tools:
      • link to open the screen in UAC application, providing it was uploaded
      • icon indicating that the screen was not uploaded properly (or if the match is older than cca 3 weeks that it was already deleted to save database space - in this case you cannot blame the player)
    So that's it. To sum it up focus on the following:
    • number of screens made by a player
    • his session log to see when he was/wasn't using UAC
    • if he uploaded screens or not

    Monday, 3 December 2012

    UAC3 anticheat usage tips - Part 1/2

    This article is the first part of a double article focusing on UAC3 anticheat usage. Note that its aim is not to replace UAC manual that can be found here. Rather it wants to give you some tips to avoid common mistakes I witness when other players try checking someone on UAC. Some boring theory to begin with:

    Difference between UAC name, UAC ID, match ID
    • UAC name is a name chosen by a player during registration. In UAC3 it cannot be changed, in UAC4 it is promised to be modifiable. For example "Noob99".
    • UAC ID is a number assigned to your account by UAC player database during creation. One UAC name = one UAC ID. Example - "290105".
    • match ID is the string chosen by players before a match (e.g. "prosvsnoobs"). Technically, match ID is a number assigned to the chosen matchname by UAC match database. But because this match ID is not commonly used (only in match URL), when referring to match ID usually match name is in mind.
    UAC name, UAC ID and also match name can be searched for using search form on UAC website.

    Now let's say you ask a player to join matchid "test". He says he joined it, how can you check it?

    Easiest way is by visiting UAC website. You can use the search form to find the agreed match name. But often people make mistakes when typing match names. In that case it's useful to click Matches and check the recent SWAT4 matches if there is not some similar match name (or check all recent matches if there is not the player you are interested in - it won't be more than 5 matches to check). Another way is turning on UAC app, writing the same matchid and clicking "refresh" (you don't need to join the match to see connected players). There should be written "Active" next to the player name you are interested in.

    Did you find your match name and the player on it? Next steps will be a bit more interesting focusing on checks after the match. Read it here.

    WM AWARDS 2012 in progress

    World Mafia annual awards of the year 2012 are now in the stage of voting. Nominees in all together 16 categories (8 of them related to SWAT4) were already chosen. Also non-WM members are allowed to vote after they register on the forums. Some nominations are imo not related to the current year, some others will cause some bad blood but all in all, you might be interested in choosing your favourites. You can see all categories like Cheater of the year, Most noobish and Most valuable clan, etc. here on WM forum.

    Tuesday, 27 November 2012

    3vs3+ BS tournament organized by «|Śëã£|»

    New BS tournament organised by 1.1 clan <|Seal|> is ahead. Tournament language seem to be Polish, even rules are available in this language only here. Registration is opened on this link till December 6th.

    Monday, 26 November 2012

    Cheaters still active, UAC history check can help

    Have you seen a tag "TooLow4U" recently? I saw two such players, one of them is a punk with xfire account "fck17". He was in K4E before and this Saturday he tried to join «|SoH|». You should know that he is a notorious cheater (link, link, link and he has some more). Thought he changes names often, you can easily recognize him after you kill him one or two times - he starts saying "aimbot" or "go UAC" but he himself refuses to go. It is probably too hard to understand for him that even with aimbot he sucks.

    To avoid such people intruding into your clan, let me remind you that you can ask me or Pimp to check UAC history of your recruits/members. All we need is her/his UAC account provided in the application topic. Sometimes also IP address can be enough. This check is not working in 100%, but at least in some 90% it can give you usefull information to avoid accepting a cheater or multiclanner.

    |SKY|EthaN is a different type of cheater, playing on House of Pain and Suspects Heaven servers mostly. There is a video made a half year ago by Jax_51 proving he was cheating with no-recoil. These days it is harder to say if he is cheating or not. Sometimes he is on UAC, but when I asked him to join he ignored it. Ignorance is in general his approach to any recall to his cheating. There was a discussion on HoP shoutbox about him and he did not bother to participate in it, though he is a member of SKY clan (=HoP). Would you trust such a person?

    Friday, 23 November 2012

    Week 45, 46 CW results (5.- 18.11.2012)

    Pimp decided to leave S4N, let me thank him this way for the help he provided. I will try making CW reports instead of him, but they will be much shorter. I will cover only VIP, RD, SG matches. BS matches will be ignored with the exception of tournaments.

    This report contains clanwars from the previous two weeks due to a break last week.
    <|SEAL|> vs JF||    4:3
    JF|| vs {SWT}        8:0
    JF|| vs {WRS}        6:2
    JF|| vs DOK|»         8:4

    KL VIP Tournament
    No match played for over a month now. Two extra weeks provided for group matches were just a waste of time. However, quarter-final duels were drawn:
    JF||         vs   IST|
    «|PGÖ|» vs   |WM|
    qRage    vs   <RUS1>
    FoX|      vs   {KL}#1 

    Some Latin american BS CW results can be found here.

    Thursday, 22 November 2012

    New version of Server Browser Alternative by DExUS

    Though working on UAC4 again, DExUS found some time to fix bug in his SBA tool (read more in our older article). Version 1.10 fixed issues with F1 (viewing player list) and F5 (refreshing server) often not working correctly when using filters. Those of you who use this alternative update asap.

    Tuesday, 20 November 2012

    Swatball mod (UPDATED)

    Mod genius |ELITE|KENNY is known thanks to his SWAT dance video. But he also created two special mods for S4, one of them - Swat ball - is being introduced now.

    As the name reveals, this has something to do with a ball. Basketball to be precise. The map this mod takes place on is a basketball ground with two huge baskets on each side and score counters for each team. Why are the baskets so huge? Simply because you are the ball. When a player comes under the basket he is thrown up and he should aim for the basket. But don't expect to earn points just for that. Before you do the jump, you must taze all players in the opponent team, only then you can run for the jump and score. The more players, the tougher it is to score. Wanna give it a try? Follow these instructions:
    1. Download from this link (70 MB)
    2. Install to your SWAT directory (so your "Swatball" folder is in the same directory as "Content folder"). Choose 1.0 version if you want to use the dedicated server from this article.
    3. Launch the mod by running SwatBall.bat in your "Swatball" folder.
    4. Click Join game and, choose Direct IP button and insert IP that can be found here (server is running only occasionally, look for the tab named "Basketball mod").
    Mod is ideal for 2vs2 matches so it should not be a big problem to try it even in small number of players.

    Today we had a session on this mod and those who missed it can pity that. Here is photo of our Globetrotters team with a crowd of hot fans ;)

    From left to right at front: {SoE}PimpMyGun, ||T3||»Apophis, TR1GG3R.
    From left to right at back: Melissa, Katniss, Pam, Stacy, Jess, Nicole, Eve, Lara
    I was behind the cam to have better view of the girls ^^

    And here, you can see us in action. NBA stars are pure amateurs when compared to us:
    We also found that score boards do not work, maybe TR1GG3R will have a look at it. But on the other hand, there are toilets where you can have some rest. And most of all, there is a cool music in the radio - so don't you dare shooting it (like I did and server had to be restarted to fix it again).

    Monday, 19 November 2012

    List of clans (all game versions)

    Sometimes you might need a contact for a SWAT4 clan. A list of them comes handy in such situation, so here you are - the biggest SWAT4 clan list ever made. It contains:
    • tag and name
    • link to website and if available also xfire/gametracker
    • primary game version and mode
    • flag, whether the clan is still active or not
    The list is available on this link (sorry for external link, but blog here does not support BB codes).

    Saturday, 17 November 2012


    Clan Name & Tag: Turkish Soldiers, {TRS}
    Primary SWAT Game Mode: RD 1.0
    Date Clan was founded: 2006
    Past + Current Leader(s): Real_Hunter
    Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
    Major Tournament(s) participated in: SWAT4 1.1 RD Tournament 2012, SWAT4 1.0 VIP League 2012
    Best general out-clan war performance: RD victory against KL - 5:3
    Clan video link(s): link
    Clan motto: TURKEY FOR EVER
    Clan website:

    Friday, 16 November 2012

    American SWAT scene & comparison of rules

    The following article was prepared by «CoB» ZyKeS >|GS|< (with a slight edit by blog staff). The part related to differences in rules applies probably only to CWs held by American clans. Here we go:

    We know that swat 4 community everyday is getting smaller, it’s important to understand that not only people from Europe play this. American community is small but still active; most of the players are from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador) others are from Central America and from North America. SWAT 4 1.0 is almost full of players from America but there are some European clans too. Very common are “teams” formed by players from different clans. I want to tell you too that American players prefer to play in United States servers. Why? Because they are from different countries and ping is very similar only in US servers. European servers for American players have very high ping, about 180 – 250 (North American players got 140 ping or less).

    We consider it important to inform about the following specifics in rules of BS mode between 1.1 and 1.0 versions:

    Common rules for both versions
    - No Cheats. - No Bugs on purpose. - No doubleswitch. - No glitch.

    1.1 BS specific rules
    - No Spawn kill and Spawn nading. Exceptions - Both teams Spawn close to each other, Player hiding in own Spawn area.
    - The map has to be restarted after each round.
    - All weapons allowed.
    - Score matters to know who won.
    - Two rounds per map, if it is a tie, play another map.

    1.0 BS specific rules
    - No spawn nading but Spawn kill is allowed. (Players used to play with spawn kill and nading but some months ago it changed). Still some clans ask before of the war if it going to be played with spawn nade.
    - Camp is allowed.
    - Not all weapons allowed. Some clans prefer to play only with fire guns, less Lethal and pepperball aren’t allowed.
    - The map doesn’t have to be restarted after one round.
    - Score doesn’t matter, we count rounds.
    - Three rounds per map, the best of three rounds win (Just need 2 rounds to win)

    Wednesday, 14 November 2012

    Space busted by x-fire screen, |»DFX«| admin by UAC

    |»DFX«| clan was already mentioned on our blog when they recruited a cheater. Now their admin Johny (xfire: kacper1234567) was caught by UAC with multihack. This clan thus proved that they are among those Polish clans, who do not give a duck about cheating. Link to the sinner's UAC profile was send also to DFX website. For two days it remained unnoticed by any admin, but now the website is not available anymore. Is that the end of this lame clan?

    Series of self-busting by x-fire screens continues. This time a lack of intelligence was fatal for another ||T3||» clan player - Space (xfire: albertux777, GT: chillypepperspace, UAC: 298361), recruited to the clan only recently. I was asked by another ||T3||» member to check him as he had some suspicion. Though at first I found nothing apart from the fact, that his sister Bunny described him as "a cheater, cheating everywhere". In the end finding a bullet-proof evidence was easier than expected :)

    link to screen in profile (enjoy as it might be deleted soon. EDIT: deleted 15.11. by Space)

    Naturally, this punk is now clan-less.

    Tuesday, 13 November 2012

    TAKEDOWN - SWAT4 sequel?

    You may have noticed already that SWAT4/Rainbow six type game is being under development. Game creators themselves are promising, that the game "will focus on realistic weapons modelling and squad-based play in a close-quarters battle setting". So though the game will not be called SWAT5, the aim of the game seems to be very alike. Game should include multiplayer modes as well - co-operative mod and competitive mod were mentioned, without further description. Community of players is involved in the process of development, so some problems we know from S4 will be hopefully avoided (especially disallowed content download and multiple versions). Some links you might be interested in following:

    Promo video:
    Screenshots: linklink
    Twitter: @takedownthegame
    Facebook: SerellanLLC (development company)

    Misson briefing video and map overview:

    Release date? Second half of 2013. As there is no other similar game (with the potential to unite all of us S4 gamers in one game) on the horizon, we must hope that all developers' promises will be fulfilled and wait patiently until then.

    Portions of article written by |WM|Nagi, taken from

    Monday, 12 November 2012

    Xfire group of S4N and

    Recently we asked you if you would join an x-fire group of this blog. I understand there are plenty of useless groups so you might not be interested in joining another one. In search for a compromise the already existent group was renewed. From now on it is dedicated also to S4N blog fans and other people interested in recent news from this great game.

    We intend to use the x-fire news systems to notify you about the most important articles published here, but don't be afraid - you won't get too much spam from us.

    >> join now <<

    Hurry up, only 300 slots are available :) 

    Saturday, 10 November 2012


    Clan Name & Tag: Third Echelon, ||T3||»
    Primary SWAT Game Mode: VIP 1.0, RD (soon)
    Date Clan was founded: 21st May 2012
    Past + Current Leader(s): Anonymous
    Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
    Major Tournament(s) participated in: None.
    Best general out-clan war performance: None yet.
    Clan video link(s): In progress of making one.
    Clan motto: Family, Loyalty, Honor of the Brotherhood
    Clan website:

    Clan closed in February 2013.

    Week 44 CW results (29.10.12- 04.11.12)

    KL VIP Tournament:
    (no new results, 11.11.2012 is deadline for group matches)

    Polish BS Tournament by PGO:
    {SWT} vs |K4E|#3 w/o For {SWT}
    eSports|#1 vs {SWT} w/o For {SWT}
    eSports|#1 vs eSports|#2 w/o For eSports|#1
    <|OPP|>#2 vs |K4E|#1 w/o For <|OPP|>#2
    |»SCO«| vs |K4E#1 both teams get penalty points
    <|OPP|>#1 vs |K4E|#1 207 : 30
    <|OPP|>#2 vs |»SCO«| w/o For <|OPP|>#2
    |G3| vs Red|| both teams get penalty points
    |G3| vs {KL} w/o For |G3|
    |K4E|#2 vs <|OPP|>#3 w/o For |K4E|#2
    ICGT^ vs <|OPP|>#3 w/o For ICGT^
    <|Seal|> vs ICGT^ w/o For ICGT^
    <|Seal|> vs |K4E|#2 w/o For |K4E|#2
    «|PGÖ|»#1 vs <|Seal|> w/o For «|PGÖ|»#1
    <|Seal|> vs <|OPP|>#3 both teams quit tournament

    Groups are finished:

     nRs vs wtF 04/11/2012 - WON
     nRs vs WTF 04/11/2012 - WON
     {SWT} vs wtF^ [31.10.2012] (Lose)
    JaceK 240 : 181 <|OPP|>
    PGO vs dG| - 01.11.2012r. lost
    PGO vs <|OPP|> - 02.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs Koa| - 03.10.2012r. won
    PGO vs invincible| - 03.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs |G3| - 03.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs qR| - 03.11.2012r. lost
    PGO vs wtF^ - 03.11.2012r. lost
    PGO vs invincible| - 03.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs {SWT} - 04.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs {SWT} - 03.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs wtF^ - 04.11.2012r. lost
    PGO vs qR| - 03.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs wtF^ - 04.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs invincible| - 02.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs invincible| - 04.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs {SWT} - 02.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs <|OPP|> - 04.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs Jacek| - 03.11.2012r. won
    PGO vs B!tchTeam| - 01.11.2012r. won
    WestCoast vs wTf 30.10.2012 (WON)
     «}SΛS{ vs P3R|» WON
     «}SΛS{» vs L4k)» WON
     «}SΛS{» vs »)X7(« WON
     «}SΛS{» vs P3R!» WON
     «}SΛS{» vs «{KX}» LOST
     «}SΛS{» vs »)KX(« WON
     «}SΛS{» vs |L2C| WON
     qR| vs nRs| 29.10.2012 Won
    »)F4§(« vs »{KX}« WON
    »)F4§(« vs »{KX}« WON
     P3R|» vs >|ML|< WON
     P3R|» vs «}SΛS{» WON
     P3R|» vs |Mx| LOST
     P3R|» vs |«BRQ»| WON
     P3R|» vs «{KX}» WON
    Taken from HERE :
    Gano »Ä|D« Vs »W|o|D« 2 : 0
    Gano »Ä|D« Vs »W|o|D« 2 : 0
    Gano »Ä|D« Vs »}ê|S|ä{« 2 : 0
    Gano »Ä|D« Vs |A2G| 2 : 0
    Gano »Ä|D« Vs »L|S« 2 : 0
    Gano »Ä|D Vs <L46> 2 : 0
    Gano »|DSA|« Vs »Ä|D« 2 : 0
    Gano »|DSA|« Vs »Ä|D« 2 : 0
    Gano »|DSA|« Vs »Ä|D« 2 : 1 
    Gano »|DSA|« Vs ||AT|| 2 : 1
    Gano »|DSA|« Vs ST| 2 : 0
    Gano ^|AFT|^ Vs >|SS|< 2 : 0
    Gano H2K| vs »|DSA|« 2 : 0
    Gano H2K| vs |N1| 2 : 0
    MYT vs FA | 4 nov 2012 | VIP2.0 | 3-4 LOST 
    TRS vs JustFrags 3-5
    JF! vs {|4U|} / {|4U|} 5 : 3
    JF! vs DOK|» / DOK|» 8 : 0
    JF! vs DOK|» / DOK|» 5 : 3
    JF! vs << GHT >> / << GHT >> 8 : 0
    T3F vs TWT 5-3 & 5-1

    Thursday, 8 November 2012

    «GWLU» - new clan accepting also cheaters (UPDATED)

    Not only Europan continent has its clan accepting cheaters, but also America - represented by a newly formed «GWLU» - Gamers Mundial Last Union. I am not saying all their players cheat, nevertheless the concentration of unfair players does not seem to be low there.

    Proofs? Well, unusually high number of player with this tag banned by SMAC for no-recoil and long-arms. We all know SMAC has a significantly high level of false-positive detections, but check the SMAC banlist yourself (in the time of writing the article it contains names: JT, GearMaster, Sony, Fresne with this tag). Another proof? See UAC matchid "gwlu01", player with UAC name andres528 was caught with standard multicheat a year ago. Another user wearing the clantag on xfire - Kahm (xfire: gmal1992) is banned on UAC (link).

    You can dispute that some of these proofs are weak or indirect. That's right. So let's see an x-fire screenshot made by a player using «GWLU»AzE:

    I would be interested if he is really so stupid to make this SS or he simply does not care, if he is seen as a cheater or not.

    GLWU also have their own server on 1.0 in VIP mode ( Will you pay it a visit?

    UPDATED: based on info received from GWLU members in the comments I slightly changed the article name (originally it was "«GWLU» - new clan of cheaters").  Reason is, that they also posted link to their Facebook group which has 125 members. It would we wrong to assume, that most of them cheat or have cheated. Nevertheless, rest of the article remains valid in my eyes. Also note, that they are not a new clan but a union of players from other Latin America clans like FLS, FBI, ALS, SAM, ASM, etc.

    Wednesday, 7 November 2012

    SWAT 4 Manager 2012 (the game)

    A while ago you could have noticed a link to SWAT4 Manager 2012 in Angerbox. In case you missed that, here is an article giving you another chance to enjoy this "reality based" game.

    Steps to fully enjoy the game:
    1. You need Power point 2010 on your computer. Most probably also free Power Point Viewer can be used (get it here)
    2. In case the sounds do not work, you might need OGG codecs from here.
    3. Download the game itself from here.
    4. Open the file, press F5 and enjoy! 
    If you like it, don't hide it. The (anonymous) author might make a new version in 2013 ;)

    Tuesday, 6 November 2012

    Advanced game hints

    Couple of hints that might improve your game and increase your chances for survival:
    • when you are dead, don't use teamchat (Y), because only dead team-mates will see what you write. Those still alive cannot see that. Use normal chat (T) instead. This is a very common mistake seen on servers.
    • turn on Subtitles in your in-game settings (option is disabled in some language versions of game, but at least in English version it is available). When you hit someone with flash or stinger, you will see his name in chat so you know if it was your team-mate or enemy.
    • when you play with helmet and you get hit by gas, use any voice command (like Roger, Where is the VIP?, etc.). That usually makes you stop coughing and thus you have higher chance of hiding.
    • changing gun from primary to secondary and vice versa is faster then reloading. Keep that in mind when you run out of ammo in the middle of shooting. 
    • if your chat does not work (you press ENTER but the message is not sent) press left Alt. After you can should be able to send your message again.

    Note that as of today, you can see all hint articles published so far by clicking the "Hints" in the main menu.

    Sunday, 4 November 2012

    UAC saved for now, new definition file for S4

    UAC3 donations goal for September-November has been reached. I am proud that SWAT4 players contributed the most of the sum. Since we wrote the article on this blog, SWAT players donated over 100 € (not counting donations made by them before). Though I expected much more players donating small sums, in reality all this money was donated by only 5 people. Noteworthy could be, that the bigger/stronger the clan is, the less willing to donate its members are. Also some people claimed they would donate, but they are still taking their time.

    Enough about this money thing. A new cheat definition file version 14 was released yesterday. Previous version was released over a half year ago. Let's wait if we see any new codes in cheaters' list.

    Finally, though it's been mentioned widely, iShady (xfire: goldysoldier) was caught on UAC for the second time. After his première he was given a second chance. Critics of second chances must applause him now. After the second incident he left T3 clan without saying the reason but of course, very soon it was discovered. A bit funny is, that he was kicked also from Swat4 <<Vegetable Players>>.