Thursday, 30 August 2012

SoH twin is born

A new clan entitled Tuga Warriors Team has been recently opened with the server going live yesterday. It is lead by ex-SoH members and, although initial reaction leads you to think they might act differently to their old masters, their 1st day recruitment tells a different story. Ironically, the same cheater who was blindly recruited by SoH (that we wrote about just 5 days ago) has been accepted already into TWT. It seems SoH clan's twin is born.

Other cheaters already inside include Egyptian player mehmeh, who is an admin, while other ex-SoH members who have joined have been blocked from the SoH forums. With clan world-record holder Crotales also acting undercover, TWT has a very similar feel to FoH - a clan which died within 3 months. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


The latest updated cheaters include BS player Prima, who ironically used match ID 'primazebest' as he got caught, and Italian toddler iShady, who joins the famous list of T3 UAC cheaters.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Polish player Olsen - known for his {KL}Snow fetish - is close to joining {WRS}, a clan he was previously a member of 3 years ago.  Spanish ex-{|UF|} member CoW is close to joining {|4U|}, temperemental teenager SD420 has left ||T3||, while former Kahuna Land member Bounty has become a recruit of the clan again after re-applying recently.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Wars 20-27 August

SaD|| beat L4K)» 316-202, eLe| beat SaD|| 231-214, <|Seal|> beat SaD|| 185-144 [Group A, BS Tourno]
ICGTwm^ beat hfbc|| 256-151 [Group D, BS Tourno]
{SWT} beat IST| and RUS1 [BS]
|DWMT| beat «|SoH|» 7-1 [ViP]
IST| beat ||T3||» [ViP]

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Example of recruiting blindly

Joins the clan on 18 June, gets kicked for cheating on 27 July. On 28 July, makes a new recruitment application under a different name, and gets accepted within 5 hours in the same day. 

Today it was finally picked up that he was the same guy and he has since been kicked by "the best clan ever". Click on the image for clearer viewing.

Friday, 24 August 2012

2nd chance to register team for BS tourney

Registration for the 2vs2 BS Cup has been temporarily reopened for a week until 30 August after 6 teams were removed from the tournament. Only couples who are intending to be active are encouraged to sign up.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

UAC4 will likely not detect .ini modifications

The upcoming new version* of Universal Anti Cheat will likely not detect SWAT 4 .ini modifications just like its predecessor UAC 3. Editing .inis to gain an unfair advantage is achievable in v1.0, although it is blocked in 1.1, which was one of the main reasons the current BS tourney is being played over there.

*Upcoming could still mean many months, as a large amount of time has already surpassed since developer DeXuS said UAC 4 was 90% ready.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Server-annihilator MrElie has today joined T3 Third Echelon clan, becoming the Server Manager. Meanwhile since our last update, ex-3A member SeaL has joined {|4U|} as well as ex-SuR leader Bulldog. 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Wars 13-19 August

BS 2v2 Tournament
SaD|| beat AGL|» 260-129, eLe| beat L4K)» 284-182, eLe| beat {AT} 390-96, eLe| beat <|Seal|> 178-175, L4K)» beat {AT} 213-101 [Group A]
SaD| beat WestCoast| 160-144, SaD| beat qRage| 181-164, SaD| beat Faggits in Love 358-137 [Group B]
Big| beat F4cK [Group C]
shooT| beat FzA! 361-109 [Group F]

{SWT} beat «CoB» 218-141 [Barricaded Suspects]
IST| beat «|SoH|» 11-1 [ViP Escort]
{SWT} beat IST| 8-4 [ViP Escort]
«|US|» beat ||T3||» [ViP Escort]
|WM| beat (MG) 7-1 [ViP Escort]

Friday, 17 August 2012

HoP now offers multi-map support

House of Pa1n server now supports more than just 1 map - after initially being a mainly foodwall-only server. Fairfax and The Wolcott Projects are two of the new maps included in the list, with full vote-functionality included.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Former |DVRS| Polish player Lech has left the embarrassing T3 clan, going on to become a |DWMT| member. French player Kamikasa has joined {|4U|} after leaving GHT, Goblin has become a full {WRS} member, while ex-SoH manager Hitman has today become the 9th player in a row to be rejected from {KL}.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Wars 5-12 August

eLe| beat AGL|» 271-133, equinoX^ beat AGL|» 273-89* [Group A, BS Tourno]
qR| beat WcC| 159-157 [Group B, BS Tourno]
|TM| beat S1F [Group E, BS Tourno]
RUS1 beat |DWMT| 4-0 [Barricaded Suspects]
«|US|» beat RUS1 7-5 [ViP Escort]
«|US|» beat {|4U|} [ViP Escort]
RUS1 beat «|US|» x2 7-5, 10-2 [ViP Escort]

*War may be replayed or given as an AGL win.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

70% agreed it's interesting; so here's another

SoH clan member Pato, who got blocked from their member forums yesterday, was |WM|KrazyFire. The Scotsman's playing style, hate for power-seekers and general activity level was what gave it away. We brace ourselves for a barrage of abuse.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Your views

This question is asked after the mixed positive and negative reactions recieved in previous articles where undercover personalities have been exposed.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Unpunished Cheaters

We wrote some 7 months ago an article about how cheating means very little anymore; with many clans accepting cheaters, either oblivious of their history or in the view of "Let's give them a second chance." Below is a list of players who have all easily joined clans despite being caught, and continue to play freely on most servers. The 'I didn't know' excuse used by clan leaders these days is now no more credible:

Player Nick(s): SWAT_sk
Activity since being caught: This youngster has enjoyed a nice life, joining {|GA|} shortly after {BoS} closed and was then an admin in (MG) clan.

Player Nick(s): Assassin, WTH!, Hornet, E|ite, Candy, Raper, Skull, Vodka
Activity since being caught:  Arguably the greatest example of how blind modern clan leaders have been. Two cheater accounts, almost 20 clans in 18 months, yet this legend is likely to be your new clan mate tomorrow!

Player Nick(s): GLaDOS, XoX_Cz
Activity since being caught: It is currently unknown to us what this player is up to these days, but the memorable line 'if our bro GLaDOS cheat 1000 time he will still be in the house" means that he shouldn't find it too difficult to find a new clan if he tried.

Player Nick(s): Jameen
Activity since being caught:  Joined {|GA|}, since then it is unknown to us what the Indian player has been up to.

Player Nick(s): KinG, Buddy
Activity since being caught: The Turkish player came back recently as the leader of GHT clan.

Player Nick(s): PacMan
Activity since being caught: Has been rewarded for his cheating skills with elite admin power in T3 clan. Currently uses a third clean account likely not linked to old PC.

Player Nick(s): Runn3r, Hehe Kids, ReviveR
Activity since being caught: The Malaysian went into exile for a short while before joining {|GA|} and then also got re-accepted back into {SuR} when it restarted for the second time.

We have not included UAC cheaters who have remained in their respective clans after being caught. More community cheaters can be found at FoX|Mig's blog here.

Monday, 6 August 2012

CW 31 July-5 August

Only For Fight oFF| beat Russian Clan RUS1 253-61 [Barricaded Suspects]
Russian Clan RUS1 beat Don't Waste My Time |DWMT| 4-0 [Barricaded Suspects]
Don't Waste My Time |DWMT| beat World Mafia |WM| 7-3 [ViP Escort]
Russian Clan RUS1 beat Turkish Soldiers {TRS} 3-0 [ViP Escort]
Fabulous, Obscene and Xtraordinary FoX| beat EPIC Clan {EPIC}> 4-2 [Rapid Deployment]

Friday, 3 August 2012

BS groups drawn

Six groups comprising 42 teams for the BS tourno have been drawn today - you can find the full draw here. Group A will see AccidenT (comprising of KL members) and All Good Luck (DWMT members) play against the likes of eLe| and equinoX.  Group D will see World Mafia members play against each other as hfbc|| are drawn alongside |WM|, while in Group F FoX members will face-off as their namesake team is picked alongside FzA. In Group B, two of the pre-tournament favorites qRage and WestCoasT have been picked alongside fun teams Faggots in Love and Banana Split. Other fun mixed teams include F4cK (Group C) and Cookie Monsters (Group E).    

Thursday, 2 August 2012

UAC watch

Pakistani player K_Torch was caught on a personal match ID four days ago which subsequently got his {SWT} recruitment application denied, while Moroccan player Patterson was recently caught on the cheater party ID sohsoh1, and was surprisingly kicked afterwards from the clan.