Tuesday, 16 October 2012

DExUS Swat4 Server Browser Alternative

DExUS (author of e.g. UAC3 and S4CTG) expressly released his own program replacing the original GameSpy server list to help SWAT4 community he once belonged to. In my opinion, it's the best option program seen so far, in some aspects even better than original server browser.

Basic idea is similar to the alternative made by Desrat - you run the app with list of servers, click on the chosen one and you play. What makes it different is:
  • GUI (visual). Check the screen below, I bet you find it familiar.
  • Features of the original server browser - Filters, Direct IP, Refresh and Join
  • support for all basic versions of SWAT 1.0, 1.1 and TSS. You just choose a server and this tool launches the correct version. No more need to have 3 icons on desktop, or thinking which version you had to launch when you see your mate playing on some server. Not even xfire can do this!
  • ability to add your own servers
  • automatic updates
  • images of standard maps
  • waiting for a free slot (tick JOIN column on full server and you will be automatically connected when there is a free slot)
  • Viewing online players on chosen server (since 1.02)
  • Ability to set your in-game name prior to joining (since 1.05)
  • You can search for a player (Filters->Find player). First player whose name contains the defined string will be searched (since 1.12) 
  • SWAT3-like lobby chat was added (since 1.16)

Before joining a server, the program prompts you to choose path to the game executable (once you choose this information is stored, no need to do that again). Be careful to choose the correct path for each version. You can change paths also later, via Options button.

Server list is not very big atm, but it's up to you out there to add more server. Note that when adding server in standard way you shall use query post, not join port. When using Quick add feature, you shall use join port. However this works only for server with standard port settings.

  • If you freeze while connecting to a server, tell server administrator to change bLan=True in SwatGUIState.ini
  • Note that you cannot have your 1.0 and 1.1 Content folder placed in the same directory. This causes, that everytime only version 1.1 is launched