Sunday, 7 October 2012

UAC and xfire watch :)

Starting with UAC catches, the most interesting was a tripple catch of player using name Cagliari (link, link, link). What's important, that all these cheaters are linked to account used by {SWT}Catherine, one of high-rank members of this well-known clan. SWT is discussing the issue internally, however the time it takes indicates, that she won't be kicked from the clan. If you ask SWT directly, you will get response like this one.

Recently two Turkish players were caught. One of them was using name Charismatic. In the very first match I saw him, |WM|Michal found out he is using WH. He was asked to UAC, but before joining he disconnected and after some long minutes of removing cheats connected in a victorious mood. Couple of days later, truth came out.

Another player pT»Turkey« (xfire sunnytr) - member of Pt - Professional Team. First I saw him cheating on SWT server some days ago so I told admins, that being in their place I would call him on UAC. They tried, but as usually cheaters do he pretended he did not know what it is (at that time he already had UAC account). But too often cheater means liar. This "skiller" got finally caught today.

Two ||T3||» members were caught cheating Dr_MEGA and PwnzorLord (link). As written in forum, they were kicked from clan.

Lastly, couple of words about French B29 clan. Many of you had fun looking at the picture of one of leaders posted by him on xfire and having proof of using Wallhack on public server. Before, another member Xray was caught with WH/NRC and banned on our RD server. Both cheating affairs happened some time ago - recently I agreed to unban Xray, as he is using UAC now, though I have never did this before. If you check comments in the clan profile here on our blog you can see another ex-cheater joined the clan these days. After all this, all of them cannot be surprised when you call them on UAC after the slightest suspicion.