Tuesday, 16 October 2012

GameSpy problem - 1st week summary

GameTracker list is getting shorter each day - it is reported that when a server is fully restarted, it won't be recognized by GT any more, so maybe soon there will be no SWAT servers left in this list. Very similar situation is with Qtracker - now it contains only 35 servers. That's the bad news.

Better is, that the MP gaming is living on. As you can see from our poll, xfire joining and using direct IP are most popular ways of joining servers. Server list in Swat Downloader is working again, after it was showing message "Could not open request" yesterday. As the author Desrat said:
"webrequest was timing out - increased to 60 seconds (from 20) - app is now resizable.
Some duplicate entries seem to have crept in, will look at addressing that next."

Markieboy and DExUS are both working on their own server list substitutes. You can check progress at forum.markmods.com and dexus5.com. And there is also a brand new tactical FPS game being developed, article coming soon, but many of you already heard about it.

S4N will now focus back also on other topics, we must simply go on. But you won't miss any hot news related to this problem.

P.S.: there is nothing to write about in UAC watch. Someone should sacrifice and get busted. Any help from younger brothers, cousins, neighbours and home pets in this matter is appreciated.