Monday, 15 October 2012

DesRat Swat Downloader & Server list

Yesterday we introduced Qtracker - a tool to see SWAT4 server list. It's main disadvantage was the unknown way to add servers to the list. In comment we received info from the author of
Swat Downloader application. This program has long history as a tool for easier download of misc stuff - SP and MP maps, mods, skins, etc. The list is really huge. But now let's focus on newly implemented feature that is most interesting at the moment - server list.

EDIT: this feature was later removed to support other server list solutions. The following text is no longer valid.

Looking at the picture, the list contains the most important things, similar to GameSpy list. There is an option to View details of server (incl. online players), join selected server, and most importantly - add your own server. I have tried it by specifing IP, join and query ports and it works nicely, ofc server must be running.
That all sounds nice, so where are some cons?
  • The GUI of the whole application is really old-fashioned, but that does not matter that much. What is more negative is the speed of server list load/refresh. It is a couple of times slower than GameSpy or Qtracker.
  • The option to filter servers does not allow filtering by game version (1.0, 1.1), only by game (SWAT4, TSS, SSF mod).
  • Ping of some servers is shown as -1, which causes sorting by this attribute less useful.
  • To use the application, you must register at VOWS clan website. If you encounter a message about your IP banned for spamming, use some online proxy service to bypass this. Already removed
  • Today I receive message "Could not open request" upon list load. Yesterday this was not occurring. Already fixed
I have encountered also other smaller bugs, but the ability to add servers makes this tool very useful in these "dark days". Start download by clicking here.