Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Need a quality, secure and cheap clan website?

Are you looking to create a new SWAT 4 clan and need a website? Or just feel your current clan website needs an overhaul? SWAT 4 News has teamed up with Hosting|Solutions to bring you a superb offer of a professional website with an integrated forum, and prices starting at just 5 Euros for unlimited availability. The website developers use engines that help protect from malicious attacks (e.g. DoS) which free websites and forums are very prone to getting attacked from. Moreover, all this whilst being totally affordable at a price much cheaper than rival firms. For more information regarding prices and design, please contact:

Fighters of Honor clan closes

Fighters of Honor clan  < FoH > has been closed by co-leader Crotales. The clan lasted just over 3 months and failed to attract a large number of members, thus ultimately leading to its downfall. Crotales has now since re-joined his old clan SoH. 

Monday, 27 February 2012

UAC 4 to be released soon

Universal Anti-Cheat is arguably the most reliable anti-cheat for SWAT 4 and an upgrade to version 4 is likely to be released soon, according to the UAC team. However, there are rumors that it will be made compatible/released game-by-game, which means that considering it's age and waning popularity, SWAT 4 may not be high priority and we could end up waiting longer for it.

SWT BS Tournament Semi-finals confirmed

After a few weeks delay the semi-finals of the 2 vs 2 BS tournament have been drawn up. SnakeEyes team (SeC) will face NiTRouS (nRs) whilst Dangerous (a couple from SWT) will play WestCoast in the other match.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

SWAT 4 'Premier League' to go ahead

The ViP 1.0 League is to go ahead after 7 (possibly 8) clans confirmed their participation. We have been offered a Europe-based quality server by |WM|Nagi which we greatly appreciate, whilst a south-American based server is also likely available for the Latin clans. For all clans who have signed up, please regularly check the SWAT 4 Tournament forum for the latest info. More details will be updated later tonight so stay tuned!

If you would like to know more about |WM|Nagi's servers, please click here.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fake fun war exposes a cheater

Today {SuR} Special United Rangers played a 3 v 3 fun war with {TRS} clan. However, the {TRS} clan members were fake - a group of three players including MrElie wore {TRS} tags and pretended to be part of the Turkish clan, proposing a war to SuR in their own server. 

At the end of the war it proved to be all a fake joke but the interesting thing was that UAC caught a cheater, {SuR} member RunneR in the aftermath. The screenshots of the game also show the fake members insulting TRS and removing the clan tags as the war finished.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Antics installation

Many more clans are now implementing Antics anti-cheat onto their server and in order to connect succesfully to these servers you must also have antics installed. There are two ways to do this; either download Antics from here (prefer this way to avoid problems at map change) OR follow the instructions below to use autodownload:

-Browse to your SWAT4\Content\System directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT4\Content\System)
-Open the file named Swat4.ini with a text editor (eg. notepad)
-Perform a search (CTRL + F) for AllowDownloads
-Make sure the found line reads AllowDownloads=True (change to True if necessary)
-Make sure to save (CTRL + S) the file before closing it.
-That's all. You're now ready to join the server.

These set of instructions were taken from House of Pa1n's website here. Remember that if you have the Gez admin mod installed then the auto-download feature should be on anyway.

SWAT 4 Tip

Monday, 20 February 2012

«|SoH|» clan EXPOSED

Let me first remind you that this site was not made to 'attack' clans. {B4E} clan believe I have 'attacked' them because I said it was wrong to punisher a cheater by giving them a demotion. As well as putting as a video of a member cheating on YouTube; something that was agreed by many, many senior respected players. I don't really count that as 'attacking'. However, this article WILL go down as an 'attack' at Shadow of Heroes clan. Mainly because of the things I have picked up about them over the past 2 years since they were established...

1 Leader Raptor has used hacks before

Image 5 clearly shows use of hacks, other images clearly show it is his computer --> he's logged on to his xFire, logged on to his MarkMod server control panel, has server .ini files show HIS name, UAC gives identification of all these shots from 1 PC and Raptor has not participated in any out-clan war since this date as he is obviously now banned from UAC.

2 Members who apply, join, get caught cheating, leave, apply, join, get caught again

First time he is caught by SMAC in 2011 (read through the forum thread in 1st link).  Technically this could be a bug, but he applies to the clan again in 2012, and this time is caught by UAC No worries though - SoH are happy to keep him.

3 Arrogant other co-leader, Windu
Proof: This is slightly more ambiguous, mainly because it's my opinion (although others share it). If you visit SoH server and catch Windu in a bad mood, you will see exactly what I mean by my description of him. There are little things he does, such as indirectly disrespecting his own members, calling himself God (could just be for fun, but when you really meet him you'd think he wasn't joking). The stranglehold over his members - all suck off to him, if you want to see it just visit their forum. I couldn't find the thread anymore so I didn't get the link - but there was another case a week ago when indian member Eddyz had to apologize to Windu, yet any outsider could see there was no need to say sorry, it was out of pure fear and pressure from other members (who want to act good) to say it to Windu.

4 The pure denial of members to save the reputation
Proof: Again, hard to give a link to. But anyone who has tried asking Raptor why he did the UAC fake profile thing will find themselves banned from the server, chatbox and forum. Anything, absolutely anything that you write that could hurt the reputation of SoH (even if it's blatantly true) will not be accepted and deleted almost immediately by the leaders. Respected players such as tbone going to the level of insults to stop you from the spreading the truth. Making posts on the forum, and finding they're gone just a few hours later (on site Chatango, max 10 minutes before some admin comes out and rushes to that 'delete message' button).

The main thing I want from this article is for all young and new SoH members to see exactly what their clan is like. Because certainly their leaders won't allow any such thing. It is easy enough to get fooled that SoH is a nice clan when you visit their server, but their history tells you something completely different. 


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Another new clan opens in ViP mode

Forever United {|4U|} clan has today officially opened in ViP mode.  The clan's leader is JoJo, the well-known Swedish player who used to be leader of {|UFF|} Ultimate Force Forever clan. Already, indian clan jumpers such as PrimeGuy have joined, and you would feel there are more members to come.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Classic example of a clan-jumper

Takes just 12 minutes to leave SWAT and come back in another clan, lovely.  Screenshots are below -->

Click on images for enlargement

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

<|CRP|> leader Neo caught on UAC, despite only 'testing'

Polish clan <|CRP|> Close Rapid Penetration's leader Neo has been listed on the UAC cheater database, despite him afterwards claiming he was just 'testing' an Aimbot he had found.

All the match IDs were named 'crptest' so he may not be lying, but deciding to test anything in UAC is not a wise decision.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

More info on 'Premier League' idea

A few days ago the idea of a ViP 'Premier League' was brought up, and the feedback suggested that because it's a 1.0 rule based tournament, there would be problems within matches of regulating/officiating  the gameplay to match the strict rules in place. However, here at S4N we have come up with a unique format which could help make this projected tournament potentially successful.
  • The tournament would consist of 5 v 5, with possibly 1 each in view.
  • All matches would be played on a neutral server - with 1 solitary map.  This would be Brewer County Courthouse.
  • Since the aim is to imitate a football match, games will be short and snappy.
  • They would consist of 6 rounds. The 3 rounds a clan plays as Suspect will be considered the 'Home' match.
  • The 3 rounds a clan plays as SWAT will be considered the 'Away' match.
  • This is because of the basic principle that winning as SWAT in Courthouse is considered much more difficult (but certainly not impossible) than winning as Suspects - hence replicating the realism of a football match.
  • With rounds time set to 10 minutes, 6 rounds = a maximum of 1 hour match.  This is important for organization purposes because we have can set times for each match.
  • Since it is just 1 fixed map, all the vantage points, spawn areas and rest will be covered by the simple rule book which will be setup if the tournament goes ahead.
  • There will be a minimum of 1 referee assigned to each match; if they catch someone breaking the rules (e.g. waiting around) that player will be issued a warning (or, in football terms, a yellow card).
  • If the same person is caught again, that person will be forced into view and not allowed to play again with the rest of the 3 round cycle.  In football terms, they are issued the red card, sent off leaving their team a man down. That does not mean another player can step in, it becomes 4 v 5 for the rest of the round cycle.
  • The referee will be an experienced SWAT 4 player who should know his stuff. Therefore, any decision he makes will be well thought out and must be final. 
  • Any talk after of a biased ref or one that 'cost us the match' will not be tolerated. In such an event, you would get punished in football.
  • If any player is caught by UAC after the match, the game he/she played in (whether it be the home, away or both) will be forfeited and awarded automatically to the opposition, regardless of that respective person's contribution in the match.  
  • If a clan does not turn up for a match (or they all come together 20 mins late) then the match will be forfeited and the opposition would win by a 3-0 margin both H and A.
  • Since a typical football match averages 2-3 goals, the scorelines will be very realistic (either 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2, 2-1, 1-2, 3-0, 0-3 scores can be achieved).
  • There are many tactics known in football when playing away from home, such as 'parking the bus' in order to avoid defeat. Such tactics can be implemented in this war as well, but time wasting (e.g. ViP running in circles in swat spawn so sus can't catch) is not allowed.
  • One specific day will be agreed where matches will be played each week, plus time slots (e.g. Saturday 7pm-8pm, 8pm-9pm two sets of matches each week, for x number of weeks)
A lot of stuff there - but when you read it again it's actually pretty simple. A minimum of 5 clans would be needed for this idea to bear fruit - then we can organise a server.  If your clan would be interested in taking part, please feel free to leave a note in the comments section (or via contact email listed on the right sidebar).  If feedback is positive, we can look into finding a server for use.

1.0 rules, in this tourney would = no spawn killing unless to cover ViP, no spawn camping/nading, no other forms of waiting unless to cover ViP.  Window shooting would be allowed.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Cheater watch: {B4E}Thomsngun

Props to «|US|»CoD_Schlot for providing the info and video

Saturday, 11 February 2012

SWAT 4 ViP 'Premier League' idea being discussed

Based on the idea of football leagues, a new ViP 'Premier League' idea is being mooted about.  The idea would be unique to past SWAT 4 tournaments because it is not a 'QF-SF-F' type tournament, where one bad game can result in you losing the whole tourney. Instead, 5-7 ViP teams will participate in a league, where all teams play each other once on a neutral server.

The winners of each match would collect 3 points [Draw=1pt and Loss =0].  At the end of the tourney, the team with the most points will be at the top of league and declared champions. The crazy football fans amongst us will always be talking of a 'Champions League' afterwards, unfortunately it is not likely there will be enough clans for this!

We will bring you further details on this interesting idea as it progresses. One thing we are fairly certain on is that the tournament will have 1.0 based rules.  Moreover, if anything was to happen, it would take place after the hotly-anticipated v1.0-1.1 war.

Getting bored of 1.0?

Why not experience some SWAT 4 TSS or even 1.1. After many attempts we have found that installing a patch for these versions ended up causing problems, regardless of the 1.0 crack copy timing. Therefore, the easiest way we advise is to simply download it as a torrent file. There are many in-depth tutorials out there on how to do this but we will explain it briefly and (hopefully) it's easier to understand...

Friday, 10 February 2012

{UFS} clan dead, according to reports

We have high reason to believe that United Fusion of Skills clan {UFS} has died for the second time. UFS originally died a year ago after being run by Just!ce but after close friend's D3nN!s' death, Just!ce looked to re-establish the clan in memory of his mate. However, an inability to get a permanent server has meant that it is highly likely {UFS} clan has died again.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sponsor Section Updated!

Please look on the side bar for our clan sponsors.  We are very proud to have the one of the leading ViP clans in «|US|», one of the leading RD clans in FoX|, and an exciting brand new clan 3A|» (who's server goes live tomorrow) all sponsoring SWAT 4 News! 

Due to the difficulties in finding respective logos, many clans were unable to give us a quick answer. However, we will continue to wait for them and will update the sponsor sidebar as and when appropriate. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

|WM|Nagi sets up new BS clan & sends joke invites

World Mafia member Nagi has setup a new fun Barricaded Suspects clan called Zambezi Mambas. He has also been making 'joke' invitations to players to join his parent clan |WM|, claiming he can give them a high rank and even offering to pay them if they join. We understand this was all just a prank by Nagi to see how these people react; players who have reported getting these hoax invitations include {FAB}Jackal and {KL|R}Insane.

Site update

The download section page has been updated as there were many broken links before, plus we've added a useful crack for all those who are fans of CD-less SWAT 4. The last poll was won by |WM|, with 29% of voters agreeing that they have the best clan name and tag. Second was Sons of Earth {SoE} with 22% and third was {FAB} clan with 10%.  Interesting results - congratz to the winners.

Just under 250 people voted - we have since opened a new poll; it will be very intriguing to see how this one pans out!

Monday, 6 February 2012

What was «|SoH|»Raptor doing on Sept 8, 2011?

A collection of SoH players were caught cheating by UAC on September the 8th, 2011.  This is old news now.  But the interesting thing was that the locations did not match - all these players were from Germany, according to UAC - despite the fact that tbone was from India, windu from Turkey etc. So the general consensus was that this was all a hoax, and that «|SoH|» had been setup by someone to have a bad name. 

However, based on those UAC screenshots, there was one thing that stood out - «|SoH|» co-leader Raptor's name appeared in almost all of them. But why would Raptor destroy his own clan reputation by creating fake accounts of his members and using hacks?  Today, I asked him this very question:

The video is awful quality when you expand it so I recommend squinting your eyes and using the smaller view

As the video shows, he never replied and was ready to ban me for asking.  This, along with those shots, proves to me he was the man behind this event that occured on September 8th.  So we go back to the question: why?  Let me first say this - I am only guessing here.  This is pure speculation, and if it's not true, I apologise.  But in my view, Raptor created those fake profiles because it was purely an act of panic after being initially caught on his own account. By using member names, he could easily pull off that it was some hoaxer who wanted SoH clan to have a bad name. Unfortunately, we are not retards and we know what is the truth.

Something very, very strange happened on Sept 8, and I think «|SoH|»Raptor did not think too much before he carried out this experiment. Now, «|SoH|»'s clan reputation has been hanging in the balance since that date.


{KL} tie with |WM| in RD war

Kahuna Land {KL} and World Mafia |WM| played a war in Rapid Deployment mode yesterday. The result was a tie at 2-2. Some high-class players took part, such as Michal, HP, Freddy, EmoPig and Coert to name but a few.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

JoJo leaves {|UFF|}

Swedish player JoJo has left his leadership post of {|UFF|} clan. His departure comes only two weeks after Shadow also decided to relinquish his leader status. The news leaves Ninjato as the only remaining leader of the clan at this current time.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Friday, 3 February 2012

New clan opens in ViP mode

Wanted Heroes {|WH|} is a new ViP clan which was started a few weeks back, but today got a server to go up live. The clan's founders are based in the UK and Poland.

{SWT} BS tournament quarter-finals confirmed

The 2 vs 2 Barricaded Suspects fun tournament organized by {SWT} clan is close to completion. The quarter finals have been drawn up, with 5 of the remaining 8 teams from SWT clan and the others from West Coast, SeC (SnakeEyes) and NiTRouS (nRs) clans.

Meanwhile, |WM| are leading the latest poll!

STICKY: Write your own article in SWAT 4 News!

That's right - if you can successfully beat our fun quiz, you will get the chance to write your own SWAT 4 article, which will be posted live on the site. The article can be about anything you want (opinion, news, or just about yourself), so write your answers to the quiz to and the first one to get them all correct will be awarded this prize.  NOTE: These questions are not all easy. They require an in-depth knowledge of many of the 17 multiplayer maps.  Here they are:

1). Who is the director of plant security services at Enverstar? 

2). How much does it cost to get into the Model Sons gig at ABomb Nightclub?

3). What breakfast cereal does Lawrence Fairfax eat?

4). What does the number plate on the red van near the Foodwall restaurant say?

5). What is the name of horse number 7 in the Casino?

6). What is the purpose of 'Stiffs'?

BONUS: You can shotgun-breach a door that is open.  True or False?

Terms & Conditions:  The winner's article will not be posted if it in any way reads as a WUM, or contains abuse; either racially, on the basis of religion or directly at an individual. If no entry correctly answers all questions then the winner will be decided by the highest number of correct answers answered first. Any answers written in the comments section and/or shoutbox will be automatically deleted, and the user warned.  The winner will be notified by midnight 10/02/12, which is when the competition closes. Any entries after this time will not be counted, and the winner has up to 5 working days afterwards to write their article.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Help prevent your server crashing; disable the pepperball

Many people know it now but there is a well known Swat Equipment .ini hack (in 1.0) which gives the Pepperball the ability to have different firing modes - burst, semi and auto. Cheaters with this hack can switch the pepperball to auto mode, fire at any object in any map and crash the server effortlessly.  By disabling this weapon altogether, you can reduce the risk of your server crashing massively.

SWAT 4 Tip

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Top «|US|» players withdraw from 1.0-1.1 war

«|US|» co-leader CoD_Schlot confirmed last night that the top players from his clan will not be participating in the 1.0 vs 1.1 war which is being organised.  The news is a blow to 1.0 hopes of victory, although rumors are spreading that there will still be enough players to form a 5-7 player team, with the likes of OutKast, KirbY (FAB) miGma (ex-US), Blondie (ex-Fs and US), iRock (ex-US and FAB), PanPan (KL) and CJ (UFS) being asked to play.