Saturday, 11 February 2012

Getting bored of 1.0?

Why not experience some SWAT 4 TSS or even 1.1. After many attempts we have found that installing a patch for these versions ended up causing problems, regardless of the 1.0 crack copy timing. Therefore, the easiest way we advise is to simply download it as a torrent file. There are many in-depth tutorials out there on how to do this but we will explain it briefly and (hopefully) it's easier to understand...

First, download and install a bittorrent client, such as uTorrent. Download from here.

Next, go to this link.  Click on download.torrent, and ensure it recognises uTorrent (you will see the logo in top left corner of pop-up)  Click OK.

Click OK and let it download. [Size > 1GB, so it may take some time depending on bandwith allocation]

Whilst you're waiting you need to download and install an opitical media emulation piece of software, such as Daemon Tools Lite.

Once the torrent has completed, open DT Lite (or chosen software) and add a virtual drive.  This can be done by right-clicking on system tray icon, going to Virtual Devices and clicking 'Add SCSI Virtual Drive' on DTL.  {Remember to exit uTorrent unless you're happy to seed the file}

You should see a No Media drive appear when you left-click the system tray icon.  Click on this and search for the file you downloaded, select it and click Open.

You should see Autorun menu appear, if not go to My Computer and double click on the SWAT 4 imaged drive that you should see.  Click run 'Autorun.exe' and install it!

That's pretty much it. Just make sure you don't get the original v1.0 and the new modes mixed up - install them in a different folder and rename them to your choice.  Whenever you want to play TSS, double click SWAT 4 Expansion icon. For 1.1, the new SWAT 4 icon.

If you do this successfully, you can experience things such as Melee attacks, throwing glow-sticks, wearing night-vision goggles, playing on Hotel, Du Plessis and Quik Fuel MP maps and much, much more!  It's a great experience if you want a short break from normal 1.0 gameplay.

SWAT 4 Tip