Monday, 20 February 2012

«|SoH|» clan EXPOSED

Let me first remind you that this site was not made to 'attack' clans. {B4E} clan believe I have 'attacked' them because I said it was wrong to punisher a cheater by giving them a demotion. As well as putting as a video of a member cheating on YouTube; something that was agreed by many, many senior respected players. I don't really count that as 'attacking'. However, this article WILL go down as an 'attack' at Shadow of Heroes clan. Mainly because of the things I have picked up about them over the past 2 years since they were established...

1 Leader Raptor has used hacks before

Image 5 clearly shows use of hacks, other images clearly show it is his computer --> he's logged on to his xFire, logged on to his MarkMod server control panel, has server .ini files show HIS name, UAC gives identification of all these shots from 1 PC and Raptor has not participated in any out-clan war since this date as he is obviously now banned from UAC.

2 Members who apply, join, get caught cheating, leave, apply, join, get caught again

First time he is caught by SMAC in 2011 (read through the forum thread in 1st link).  Technically this could be a bug, but he applies to the clan again in 2012, and this time is caught by UAC No worries though - SoH are happy to keep him.

3 Arrogant other co-leader, Windu
Proof: This is slightly more ambiguous, mainly because it's my opinion (although others share it). If you visit SoH server and catch Windu in a bad mood, you will see exactly what I mean by my description of him. There are little things he does, such as indirectly disrespecting his own members, calling himself God (could just be for fun, but when you really meet him you'd think he wasn't joking). The stranglehold over his members - all suck off to him, if you want to see it just visit their forum. I couldn't find the thread anymore so I didn't get the link - but there was another case a week ago when indian member Eddyz had to apologize to Windu, yet any outsider could see there was no need to say sorry, it was out of pure fear and pressure from other members (who want to act good) to say it to Windu.

4 The pure denial of members to save the reputation
Proof: Again, hard to give a link to. But anyone who has tried asking Raptor why he did the UAC fake profile thing will find themselves banned from the server, chatbox and forum. Anything, absolutely anything that you write that could hurt the reputation of SoH (even if it's blatantly true) will not be accepted and deleted almost immediately by the leaders. Respected players such as tbone going to the level of insults to stop you from the spreading the truth. Making posts on the forum, and finding they're gone just a few hours later (on site Chatango, max 10 minutes before some admin comes out and rushes to that 'delete message' button).

The main thing I want from this article is for all young and new SoH members to see exactly what their clan is like. Because certainly their leaders won't allow any such thing. It is easy enough to get fooled that SoH is a nice clan when you visit their server, but their history tells you something completely different.