Monday, 6 February 2012

What was «|SoH|»Raptor doing on Sept 8, 2011?

A collection of SoH players were caught cheating by UAC on September the 8th, 2011.  This is old news now.  But the interesting thing was that the locations did not match - all these players were from Germany, according to UAC - despite the fact that tbone was from India, windu from Turkey etc. So the general consensus was that this was all a hoax, and that «|SoH|» had been setup by someone to have a bad name. 

However, based on those UAC screenshots, there was one thing that stood out - «|SoH|» co-leader Raptor's name appeared in almost all of them. But why would Raptor destroy his own clan reputation by creating fake accounts of his members and using hacks?  Today, I asked him this very question:

The video is awful quality when you expand it so I recommend squinting your eyes and using the smaller view

As the video shows, he never replied and was ready to ban me for asking.  This, along with those shots, proves to me he was the man behind this event that occured on September 8th.  So we go back to the question: why?  Let me first say this - I am only guessing here.  This is pure speculation, and if it's not true, I apologise.  But in my view, Raptor created those fake profiles because it was purely an act of panic after being initially caught on his own account. By using member names, he could easily pull off that it was some hoaxer who wanted SoH clan to have a bad name. Unfortunately, we are not retards and we know what is the truth.

Something very, very strange happened on Sept 8, and I think «|SoH|»Raptor did not think too much before he carried out this experiment. Now, «|SoH|»'s clan reputation has been hanging in the balance since that date.