Monday, 30 September 2013

Cheaters report - September 2013

While there is a big bustwave for other games going on right now on UAC, list of SWAT4 cheaters is not growing much anymore. Nevertheless there was enough of unfair players for this article

Achint was busted with multicheat a month ago. If you see him claiming this was a bug, don't believe him, he very well knew what he was trying there. Despite of this, he was accepted to XF clan soon after, which further proved that this clan is prone to giving second chances.

On TSS, one of many {KGB} leading members Elio was caught on UAC without any consequences towards him. EDIT: after reading this article, clan representatives decided to kick Elio, though they believed he hadn't cheated intentionally but had been a victim of a corrupted game download.

To support its reputation of the clan with a ridiculous recruitment process, two more cheaters were recently accepted to «|SoH|»clan. One is Oops_WaWa alias «|T3F|»Crow_Man, reported on S4N before. See his application topic here. Another one is Polish "star" AssasinsCred, recently going by the name of Cezar through clans like JF and DoK. His application topic is to be seen here.

Latest UAC catch is a FUN clan recruit Ninja. If you remember article about FUN leader Jahr cheating, then we probably can't expect any punishment here.

As a bonus, we must mention Speedycort. Firstly he was reported by other players. His reaction was creating rage and contra-accusation topic on SH and 4U websites. Later, though he was careful to turn his cheats off before joining UAC, one of his screen captured his desktop with a lovely SWAT4 Aimbot icon on it.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Interview with ||ESA||RIddIcK

1 Tell us about yourself - your general real-life and SWAT history...

I'm a bavarian in his early twenties. I'm in the last year of studying a physical subject. I started playing SWAT4 right after release, when I still went to school.  Some friends and I bought the game and we founded a small COOP clan (AMP). I mostly played COOP mode at this time, but also played some VIP and even more sporadically the other modes. 3 years later (2008), after we had several longterm breaks from SWAT4 we ended AMP clan. Soon after I got recruited by eXtyle (Ex-|WM|) for the BS/VIP-clan >c0p< and collected my first experience in (mainly) BS and VIP matches.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Win a FREE Steam Powered copy of TAKEDOWN!

To celebrate 300k views we are offering you a chance to win a FREE Steam Powered copy of TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre. Although this game will never be a true SWAT4 sequel, it is about as close as we will currently get. The game will be releasing on the 20th of September and here on S4N we will be giving 1 copy away to the winner of our competition. All you have to do is to try beat our fun SWAT quiz - more instructions are given in the link itself.

Competition closed. Congratulations to Sabi from Germany who was the chosen winner from the xFire draw. You can see drawing process here and here.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Arrest-free bug

Everyone knows that our game, especially 1.0 version, is buggy. Some glitches are notoriously known, like the Foodwall stairway bug. But the one we are presenting here, though it was discovered long time ago (probably by WestCoast clan) is almost unknown. Maybe because it is quite impossible to carry it out during normal game-play. With this bug, you can arrest an already arrested opponent thus gaining +5 points each time, while the arrested player cannot defend. Moreover, this bug can cause the arrested player to respawn while his arrested copy still remains in the game. This way, he can multiply many times or even go and meet his arrested predecessors and use their cams. Here is a demo:

If you want to try it yourself, do it on your own risk by following these steps:

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DExUS announces UAC closure

After catching 9000 cheaters across multiple games (including 1000+ in SWAT), DExUS today publicly announced that UAC will close on the 1st of January, 2014. The main reason cited was the lack of free time to continue providing quality daily service. With over 290,000 registered users, the news is a hammer blow for all the fairplay gamers out there, although the cheating scum will be having a party tonight.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Winter BS tournament by Latin American clan »{CEL}«

Latin American SWAT4 community is at least as vivid as its European counterpart. A new BS 3vs3 tournament is being organized for the upcoming winter by Comando Elite Latino clan. Now only two teams are officially signed in, but reportedly at least the following squads shall participate: M3X, DSA, SS, L4K, FAL, COL and of course CEL. Participation of European teams would bring a rare chance to compare strengths of these two big but geographically, language-wise and naturally also ping-wise divided communities. For further information about rules check the tournament forum (in English and Spanish) by clicking the tournament banner.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Clan War Report (2nd August - 31st August)

JF|| beat TR| (5-3)
JF|| beat »Cartel« (3-0)
JF|| beat ||ESA|| (4-2)
JF|| beat {|4U|} (9-2)
||ESA|| beat «|PG|» (9-2)
«|PG|» beat |MYT| (9-3)

nRs| beat wtF| (244-207)
nRs| beat KATANE (Score unknown)
ProTech beat ||KOA|| (Won by 88 points)
ProTech beat TR| (Won by 84 points)
ProTech beat <|ANIMAL|> (Won by 9 points)
ProTech beat SaD| (Dropped)
MiX| beat «|PGÖ|» (129-78)
<|RP|> beat «|PGÖ|» (194-136)
«|PG|» beat |XF| (275-235)
«|PG|» beat |BB<3| (Dropped)
«|PG|» beat RoT| (Dropped)
«|PG|» beat |BB<3| (Score unknown)

JF|| beat <|VGC|> (6-0)
JF|| beat {|BWD|} (6-4)
«|PG|» drew <|VGC|> (4-4)
«|PG|» beat <|VGC|> (Dropped)
«|PG|» beat DoK|» (5-3)