Friday, 13 September 2013

Arrest-free bug

Everyone knows that our game, especially 1.0 version, is buggy. Some glitches are notoriously known, like the Foodwall stairway bug. But the one we are presenting here, though it was discovered long time ago (probably by WestCoast clan) is almost unknown. Maybe because it is quite impossible to carry it out during normal game-play. With this bug, you can arrest an already arrested opponent thus gaining +5 points each time, while the arrested player cannot defend. Moreover, this bug can cause the arrested player to respawn while his arrested copy still remains in the game. This way, he can multiply many times or even go and meet his arrested predecessors and use their cams. Here is a demo:

If you want to try it yourself, do it on your own risk by following these steps:
  1. Keep the victim tazed (sprayed/naded etc.)
  2. The first guy takes handcuffs near the victim and immediately switches to toolkit and at the moment when you have two bars on your screen (1st bar says "Arrest" 2nd bar says "Fire to use toolkit") then left click and he starts releasing the tazed enemy.
  3. When the releasing bar reaches the middle (approx) the second guy starts arresting. Make sure releasing had been finished before the victim is arrested. At that point the arrested guy can move around.
  4. If you want to duplicate him, just re-taze and arrest him while he is arrested. Now he will stay there forever and a new copy will respawn.
If you want to see full footage from making of the video, check here. Special thanks to 4life who guided the making of these recordings.