Monday, 30 September 2013

Cheaters report - September 2013

While there is a big bustwave for other games going on right now on UAC, list of SWAT4 cheaters is not growing much anymore. Nevertheless there was enough of unfair players for this article

Achint was busted with multicheat a month ago. If you see him claiming this was a bug, don't believe him, he very well knew what he was trying there. Despite of this, he was accepted to XF clan soon after, which further proved that this clan is prone to giving second chances.

On TSS, one of many {KGB} leading members Elio was caught on UAC without any consequences towards him. EDIT: after reading this article, clan representatives decided to kick Elio, though they believed he hadn't cheated intentionally but had been a victim of a corrupted game download.

To support its reputation of the clan with a ridiculous recruitment process, two more cheaters were recently accepted to «|SoH|»clan. One is Oops_WaWa alias «|T3F|»Crow_Man, reported on S4N before. See his application topic here. Another one is Polish "star" AssasinsCred, recently going by the name of Cezar through clans like JF and DoK. His application topic is to be seen here.

Latest UAC catch is a FUN clan recruit Ninja. If you remember article about FUN leader Jahr cheating, then we probably can't expect any punishment here.

As a bonus, we must mention Speedycort. Firstly he was reported by other players. His reaction was creating rage and contra-accusation topic on SH and 4U websites. Later, though he was careful to turn his cheats off before joining UAC, one of his screen captured his desktop with a lovely SWAT4 Aimbot icon on it.