Friday, 29 June 2012

BS 2v2 Overview

On 01.08.2012 a new SWAT 4 online Tournament is starting. It will be BS 2vs2 CUP on SWAT4 game version 1.1 with money prizes to win. Every participating player will have to use latest version of UAC software, and also will have to be able to play on servers with Antics installed.
SWAT 4 Tournament
We hope that every registered player will enjoy this event with no matter of score.

Are you interested in taking part in the upcoming BS 2v2 tournament? But struggling to find a partner? Visit and make a topic about yourself. Please note this is not a dating service!

SWAT 4 News will bring you regular updates of all the happenings from this latest tournament, after becoming a partner of the tournament site. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Special United Rangers returns

{SuR} ViP clan has returned, with the server going officially online yesterday. We spoke about {SuR} in an article recently, and by coincidence they have been reborn in the same week. This time things are slightly different - although Bulldog remains leader, the rules have changed from the original 1.0 style to 1.1-style with camp and spawnkill allowed (although, no spawn entering), and the server is hosted by Revhosting in Germany, unlike the original that was hosted by MarkMods. In a time where quite a few old clans 'returned' (KoN, Blood), lets hope this one lasts!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Weekly Clan Wars update

We have been recommended to make weekly updates of all clan wars (friendly and serious) in 1.0. Information is taken directly from respective clans' websites.

Week 18 June-25 June

Barricaded Suspects
{SWT} beat «CoB»  
oFF| beat < RUS1 > 225-211
FoX| beat  «CoB»  222-137 
FoX| beat {SWT} 244-146
FoX| beat {SWT} 208-121

ViP Escort
{KL} beat «|US|» 10-2
«|PL|» beat «|SoH|» 9-7
< RUS1 > beat ||T3|| 10-2 

NOTE: Full latino wars have not been included. Feel free to add missed 1.0 war results in the comments.

Monday, 25 June 2012

1.0 VMU

Former MoB member Eli has become a {KL} recruit, ex-Polish CoB member Zurek has joined {|4U|}, Turkish player BlackSky has joined ||T3|| after leaving «|US|», while Xander has joined »{HoG}«.

Interview with {FAB}Nikki

1 FAB is one of the famed 1.0 ViP clans. In this long journey, what have been the highs and lows for you personally?

It has been a tough journey that is for sure! Back in 2006 when it all started of course it was all great and smooth until you find out a member is cheating, or that a senior admin wants to leave to start his own clan and take our members with them, or that a previous member attacks your server and tries to crash it, we have definitely had our lows but we always overcome them somehow! But as always the good outweighs the negative, I have made many friends {FAB} and non {FAB}, I found many great admins which make the server a happy place, which to me personally is our “High” - we are not the one of the most famed VIP clans for no reason so we must be doing something right!

Friday, 22 June 2012

SuR merge 3rd undercover exposed

After «|US|» merged with {SuR} clan a few months ago, 2 undercover players from |WM| clan were exposed to have joined during the process. After a recent tip-off, we were told there was a 3rd undercover still active that very few knew about. Finally it was officially exposed today exactly who that 3rd undercover actually was - «|US|»Guaita aka |WM|Xavii. The Spanish player's gaming style and love for 18+ gifs was what gave it away. 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

You and SWAT 4

The final poll in the series; choose whether you downloaded SWAT 4 illegally or bought the game with your own money. Might be interesting to see the % of gamers who play a cracked version of this game...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

BS 2v2 tournament sign-up period begins

The registration period has begun for the upcoming Barricaded Suspects 2v2 tournament - head over to the SWAT Tournament Forum for more info. The prize for the eventual winner will be over 100 euros!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fatties - should they be allowed?

Another poll, this one asking whether you believe heavy armour should be enabled on more SWAT 4 hosters. On many servers (ViP especially), you will find that even if you equip the fat armour, you will be automatically assigned the normal armour, as the server blocks use of it.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Interview with {EPIC}>Bluesman

1 EPIC clan have been running for over two years. Tell us about how it began, and your relations with FoX

First of all I wanna say thanks to the S4N staff for this interview, and my best wishes to keep the good job with this website. How did the EPIC adventure begin? As many things, from the end of another one. In 2010 I left my 1st beloved clan, TFE, and I joined with some other friends to NoobDude, specially in the Dream Team. But, for me, it was not like my real perception about being in a clan; and also... well Coert is a great person and a good buddy, but we are incompatible to stay in the same house. So, instead of screaming, I decided to just go away and say a big thanks to everyone. Then after some time I found those crazy Netherland guys, YellowPete and JackTheRipper (Roy and Tom); they created EPIC as a joke, but I saw in 'em the opportunity to create another little and friendly family as was TFE for me. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I was full of enthusiasm: I started calling my old friends from everywhere, and new cool friends joined... and today the dream is true :)

About FoX... well I just can say that without those guys probably today EPIC should be not what is today. They were the first who really considered us a real clan (and that's very important believe me). Also, the perverted passion of Spider for my graphic works allowed to us to have 2 servers at this time and our own website with a real domain. We are in debt with that bounce of gays? Probably, but everyday we reply with our friendship, trustness and loyalty to our friends ;)

Just one thing: Nobody can explain our perverted love for bananas. I don't remember exactly, but one day someone posted something funny about bananas, we started putting videos etc. on website... then I created the EPIC logo with a banana instead of the "I" and the monster was born. God Help Us.

Friday, 15 June 2012

{TRM} merge with {TRS}, cheaters flood in

Turkish Military members have joined {TRS} RD clan as part of a merge. {TRS} now have over 3 different clan servers (including a terribly laggy 100-slot RD server). However, this merge means that the trio of players who were caught cheating on UAC match id TRMvsPT last week are all now {TRS} members.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Togglebehindview & Handsdown

After making a poll about the ACM Mod in which 74% of voters agreed that it should be considered as a cheat, we decided to open another poll discussing whether console commands such as togglebehindview and handsdown should also be considered as "giving an unfair advantage" to users. Recently, MarkieBoy wrote on his forum that users of these codes will not be unbanned from SMAC-enabled servers as he believes it is a form of cheating. What do you think?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Member update

Ex-{SuR} and {SmC} leader Bulldog has become a {KL} recruit, former-{UFS} leader Just!ce is likely to join {WRS}, while server-crasher MrElie is close to being a member of the }S|H{ community.  Meanwhile, Asian player Assassin is now trying to join another ViP clan after recently being caught double-clanning for the fifth time - {UFS}Candy and {|GA|}Coke - which didn't stop him from applying to {SWT} shortly after (and getting rejected). IP range of 122.161.*.* in your recruitment application forum recently? Beware - the clan jumper is near.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Interview with |Fs|Dreadnought

1 Along with FAB and US, Fs is one of the longest-standing ViP clans in 1.0. How do you think it has achieved this longevity and how has the journey been personally for you?

A good foundation with good members is the clue. United, friendly and responsible members (in the majority) is what has kept Forgotten Soldiers alive. I've seen that many members changed in the course of years, and being able to keep good members is how we've managed. Since the day I joined Fs, curious to experience playing ViP mode, I changed my attitude a lot. I joined Fs as a recruit, not interested much in the more complex matters regarding clan, other than playing matches and being on server. But as months and years passed, I became more and more interested in the clan eventually becoming leader. In Fs I experienced many things for first time. For example, being admin, being leader, playing the number of wars I played, being on server and enjoying game with people that have now become my friends. So, for me, the experience has been amazing overall.

Extreme Community opens SWAT4 grounds

eXtreme is a gaming social community the main goal of which is to unite as many people as possible all around the world, no matter what they do or what games they usually play. We take it seriously and do our best to provide a reliable playground for gaming and chilling out from all of your daily concerns. Thus, we invite people not to play under some leadership, but to connect to one social place.

Everyone can join to our community! We allow our members to play under own tags (eXc) in any game they want, no matter if you are already in a clan or part of some community. Even more, we provide fast growing servers database for the members, allowing them to experience new games more easily. This is our first step in supporting the SWAT4 community and we wish you would support us in exchange. As the initial move, Extreme will be sponsoring the general SWAT4 Tournament forums. Visit us @

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Site update

{EPIC}>, {FAB} and {WRS} have all been added as site sponsors, while the Video Section has also been edited with an impressive clan trailer made by player MAX_Arg. «|US|» have yet to make a final decision of their actions against UAC cheater Had3s and hence their partnership remains in the balance as of now. 

Friday, 8 June 2012


Clan Name & Tag: FAB, {FAB}
Primary SWAT Game Mode: ViP Escort
Date Clan was founded: June 2006
Past + Current Leader(s): Nikki then came the husband Outkast about a year later! (Just kidding on the husband part lol) 
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): People have lives, people change, people move on.
Major Tournament(s) participated in: None to date, but we will soon!
Best general out-clan war performance: Not sure, check here
Clan video(s): Clan Video
Clan motto: Faber Artis Bellum
Clan website:

Thursday, 7 June 2012

SWAT 4 Server Hosting info

There are many people who setup dedicated servers and so we decided to focus only on the major server hosting companies who provide these services. Prices and data are correct as of June 2012.

Price: €0.67/slot
Typical 16-slot server quote: €10.72/month
Location: UK
Feature(s): Free 10 slot mumble voice server included, free 1GB Webhosting included
Our rating: 7/10
Your rating: 6.5 (average)

Price: Variable per slot
Typical 16-slot server quote: €15/month
Location: Italy
Feature(s): Ftp/http access, anti-crash
Our rating: 8/10
Your rating:

Price: €0.69/slot
Typical 16-slot server quote: €10.99/month
Location: Germany
Feature(s): Ftp/http access, no extra charge for removal of “Mark Mods” branding from public server name
Our rating: 6/10
Your rating: 4 (average)

Maverick Servers
Price: €2.50/slot per extra slot (after 4 slots)
Typical 16-slot server quote: €30/month
Location: USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany
Feature(s): Ftp/http access
Our rating:
Your rating:

Price: €0.70/slot
Typical 16-slot server quote: €11.20/month
Location: Germany/Italy
Feature(s): Ftp/http access, spawn timer with no delays, anti-crash
Our rating: 9/10
Your rating: 5 (average)

Prices quoted are based on a monthly basis. All companies listed provide discounts if you were to purchase from them on for a long-term basis. Feel free to provide your own personal rating of these companies' servers in the comments section.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Only For Fight, oFF|
Primary SWAT Game Mode: Barricaded Suspects
Date Clan was founded: 21 May 2009
Past + Current Leader(s): TITAN, GaLBy (founders), TITAN (current)
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
Major Tournament(s) participated in: Haven't played in one yet
Best general out-clan war performance: War vs XyB 4v4 , where we pwned XyBorgS clan for the first time. It was a very hard war. oFF| had one very good friend who was skilled who finished active playing after this war. The war is a beautiful memory for him.
Clan video(s): n/a
Clan motto: Fear is your own enemy
Clan website:

Clan closed in September 2012.

Thinking ahead - example of SWAT map tactics

Although in most 1.0 ViP servers waiting is not allowed, here is a good example of tactics that can be deployed in St Michael's Medical Center on the floor that SWAT spawn in (click on image for clearing viewing). If anyone else has images of SWAT 4 maps with similar tactical advice, feel free to add it in the comments.

Beware: this image assumes that a few of the SWAT officers will be fat!

Crazy FPS = Crazy Gameplay

The video below shows that sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad. With an average FPS figure of over 1000 (as shown in the image), gameplay is actually more difficult, as experienced by |WM|Nagi.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Interview with KoN||MrElie

1 KoN has been running for over a month now. How do you intend to make sure it survives in the long-run (unlike the previous time)?

To be honest with you KoN might be a clan but for me it's more of a concept. I am very well aware of what everyone is saying regarding that Swat 4 is a dead game and not supported enough, this is why my concept was to create only a war team, a group of guys who have a minimum amount of skills, to play together in wars, using teamspeak, teamwork, etc.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Warriors, {WRS}
Primary SWAT Game Mode: ViP Escort
Date Clan was founded: 2006
Past + Current Leader(s): Killer Instinty, Yena and Speedy (Founders). Leaders since been High Council
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): some HCs left WRS and some were inactive
Major Tournament(s) participated in: 1.0 ViP 2008 (4th), 1.0 ViP 2011 (QF), 1.0 ViP 2012 (6th)
Best general out-clan war performance: Not sure, check our results here and here
Clan video(s): Clan Video (New one currently being made)
Clan motto: Trained to Perform Dangerous Operations / Special Winning Attitudes Team
Clan website:
(EXTRA)Best Clan Spammer: Kampfhamster

Clan closed in March 2014. More info here.