Monday, 25 June 2012

Interview with {FAB}Nikki

1 FAB is one of the famed 1.0 ViP clans. In this long journey, what have been the highs and lows for you personally?

It has been a tough journey that is for sure! Back in 2006 when it all started of course it was all great and smooth until you find out a member is cheating, or that a senior admin wants to leave to start his own clan and take our members with them, or that a previous member attacks your server and tries to crash it, we have definitely had our lows but we always overcome them somehow! But as always the good outweighs the negative, I have made many friends {FAB} and non {FAB}, I found many great admins which make the server a happy place, which to me personally is our “High” - we are not the one of the most famed VIP clans for no reason so we must be doing something right!

2 What is your view of the SWAT community in its current state? Is it sliding towards an inevitable death or are there ways to keep it alive and kicking?

Man I am torn on this and sad to read this question. I have played SWAT for over 7 years and from when I started there were many players and many more servers, but now there has been a huge decrease in SWAT 4 players and servers. I think that because the game is older most people pass it up if they had a choice, say between CoD and SWAT most will pick up CoD due to the newness of it all. Another thing I notice is that due to it being a PC game a lot of people look past that as well as they tend to play games on their gaming console (PS3, xBox). As technology grows the game will get older and I truly believe will fade out eventually or the game will stop being reproduced all together and people will have no choice in the end but to find a new game when this all happens. But I am sure glad that people who love the game keep coming back and playing it, hopefully this can keep the game alive and kicking!! 

3 Apart from ViP, which other game mode do you prefer if any (and why)?

Funny that you ask this as in the past 7 years I have played SWAT I can count on my hand how many times I have played non-ViP mode. Maybe I am stuck in my ways but ViP mode rocks my socks off and other modes to me just seem plain crazy! For example Barricaded, my least favorite mode due to people just waiting around to get one another, sorry I don't want to play a game where I run around being killed by campers, team naders, and people only worried about themselves. I like the games with objectives for example Rapid Deployment and ViP, both have tasks that must be completed with teamwork. So I guess what I am saying is if you don't play on a team then the mode is not for me.

4 If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you do what most seem to do and give them a second chance (with a clean second account)?

Well I'm sure this is going to stick out like a sore thumb to all other clans but we don't use UAC. Frankly I don't believe in it, I think there is more to finding a cheater than  just using a program you download. Programs can be messed with in many ways, recoded files messed with, so why trust them in my eyes. We have a method we use for catching cheaters and so far it has worked well for us and we have only had one issue arise from it all in the past.

Now if you know me I am a very blunt person and will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. So I would ask them why the hell they need to cheat, what makes them want to cheat. As a friend I want to know the motive deep down as to what makes them want to cheat so I can try to tell my friend they don't need it etc. Sadly I stick to my rules on all cheaters - automatic ban! Even if you're my friend your out plain and simple!

5 One of the most highly-anticipated wars of the year, FAB vs WM, is planned to take place later this summer. Do you think it will go ahead?

If both sides can agree to some ground rules then I don't see why it cant happen! We love wars, would never turn one down unless both sides could not agree on something!! Our war team is generally AFK summer hours due to people having a life but I'm going to corral the gang up and see what I can do!