Tuesday, 23 October 2012

MarkMods' replacement for GameSpy released!

MarkieBoy (www.markmods.com) released his own GameSpy replacement. His solution consists of three parts:
  • New Master server, i.e. list of SWAT4 servers - available also at www.markmods.com/swat4serverlist
  • SWAT4 Server mod, which ensures that every game server running this mod registers itself automatically with the new master server (works on the same principle as original game servers registered themselves with GameSpy). This mod is already released for 1.0/1.1 and TSS, both for servers running GEZ mod 22 and MarkMod 13. Get version for your game server here. Note that even with this mod version you cannot register your server on GameTracker.
  • Client side mod for 1.0/1.1 and TSS, which connects your in-game server browser to the new master server instead of the original GameSpy. This mod has been just released, check its functionality in the attached video and proceed to download link - this must be done by all players individually. There are some minor bugs, like ping sorting in alphabetical order, but anyway, some people might prefer this solution as it is most similar to original server list. Warning: this client mod contains also features of ACM mod (round timer, different admin menu...). If you don't wish do use them as well, check also this article to install only the desired server browser without additional ACM features.