Saturday, 20 October 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Guardian Angels, {|GA|}
Primary SWAT Game Mode: BS 1.0
Date Clan was founded: 4.3.2012
Past + Current Leader(s): Alexi (Founder), Dida & Chris (Past);  Alexi & Dida (current)
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): Chris left to help another clan
Major Tournament(s) participated in: n/a
Best general out-clan war performance: Our first VIP + BS Funwar versus {BoS} clan -> 6-1 + 181:154
Clan video link(s): Made by Sandra, really extremely old.
Clan motto: Reputation means nothing to us, we get out there and have fun, we don't need pro players to be a clan.
Clan website: