Thursday, 30 January 2014

|WM| absorbs {KL}

World Mafia today welcomed a group of new members from {KL}. The integration of the former Kahunies has coincided with a new |WM| VIP server going online in 1.1, which is likely to see healthy activity as an alternative to |MYT|. It is the yet another example of clans joining forces as times get tough in SWAT 4.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

{SWT} clan returns

The well-known BS clan Slys World Team has just been re-opened. It may seem a strange time to do this, but a collection of their old members have become quite active again and could be seen playing together on many other public servers recently. Wars-wise, there is still some life in the BS world so {SWT} will be hoping to be just as successful the 2nd time round, having announced closure in May last year.

Monday, 13 January 2014

2nd birthday & future direction

Today marks the second full year that S4N has been in existence! However, the current situation in SWAT means that it would be foolish not to consider what lies in the future. We have therefore opened a poll on the right hand side asking what should happen next, and would appreciate if you give your views.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Remember to write your result in the comments!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Clan War Report (1st December - 1st January)

nRs| beat wtF| (218-198)
qR| beat nRs| (Score unknown)
wtF| beat nRs| (216-194)
nRs| beat qR| (217-180)
nRs| beat wtF| (3-1)
qR| beat nRs| (3-1)

Thursday, 2 January 2014

|WM| Awards for 2013

World Mafia's yearly award ceremony took place yesterday with many well-known names gaining recognition for the achievements in 2013. There were numerous different categories at the gala dinner event, below are the SWAT-based results:
  1. Most Useless player in SWAT 4 - "Cheater-hunter" |MYT|Mazso with almost 60% of the votes.
  2. Most Useless player in SWAT 4 for WM - French shooter Ash scooped this award.
  3. Most Valuable player in SWAT 4 - Our very own FoX|Mig earned this accolade.
  4. Most Valuable player in SWAT 4 for WM - This was a tie between German hitman RugiZugi and Polish veteran SabbatH with 5 votes each. 
  5. Most "Noobish" clan in SWAT 4 - Pro Gaming «|PG|» was crowned the winner of this category.
  6. Most Valuable clan in SWAT 4 - A tie between |MYT| for their ever-present active server in 1.1 and ||ESA|| who successfully organized the winter VIP tournament.
  7. Cheater of the Year in SWAT 4 - There were a few memorable self-busts this year but it seems the Photoshop drama helped StoneCold to be adjudged No.1.
  8. Troll of the Year - With just under 90% of the votes, Sonny unsurprisingly won the final award.