Sunday, 30 September 2012


Clan Name & Tag: SWAT4 clan <RUS1>
Primary SWAT Game Mode: VIP, BS 1.0
Date Clan was founded: 2012-05-15
Past + Current Leader(s): Anton Diaz, xxx
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
Major Tournament(s) participated in: n/a
Best general out-clan war performance:  VIP match against «|US|» - 10:2
Clan video link(s):  n/a
Clan motto: Mutu's fault
Clan website:

P.S. Militia + Scholes are in love.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Normal weapon recoils

I believe you all know what no-recoil cheat is. Yet, the following videos can be useful, as they show normal recoils of SWAT4 guns. And not only from the view of shooter himself, but also from third person view and camera view. Detecting no-recoil in real-game situations when player is moving, leaning and aiming is ofc more difficult, so if you are not sure, beware of false accusations. Better make video and ask other players for opinion.

First video is more complex, contains also slowmotion, but has almost 30 minutes.

Second is shorter and does not contain video from VIEW.

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Bombardier B29, «ß29» 
Primary SWAT Game Mode: RD 1.0
Date Clan was founded: July 2011
Past + Current Leader(s): Stargate, Snakeops, Le_Docteur 
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
Major Tournament(s) participated in: n/a
Best general out-clan war performance: BS match against {SWT} 216:185
Clan video link(s):  Clan Video
Clan motto: "Bocccalllllllll" (meaning "stop showing off")
Clan website:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Final Stages of KL Clan Tournament

Dear Readers,

As some of you may know KL Clan are hosting their very own VIP Tournament. Registration has now been permanently closed and the group draws will be held by {KL}EmoPig. Everything will be recorded to prevent accusations of unfairness.

The teams registered can be found here. After continuous controversial debates regarding {KL}Linux and his account linked with Raptor, he has been cleared by UAC Admins after Linux himself admitted his brother made an account for Raptor (which is against UAC's rules and regulations) without Linux himself knowing. More news regarding this topic can be found here. Linux is now allowed to participate in the tournament.

In more news, an Italian gamer known as "Gibson" tried to bypass the rules by making a new, clean UAC account. He was previously banned by UAC for cheating. His cheat account can be found here whilst his "clean" one can be found here. Gibson's team member known as "The_MaSk" denied accusations about Gibson cheating.

More news to follow very soon.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Week 38 CW results (17.9.-23.9.)

BS Tournament Clan Wars:
won SaD|vs.nSiC 278:152
won SaD| vs. qRage 181:164
won Last Minute vs eLe +88

won |G3| vs nRs 250 - 201
won |G3| vs <|PGO|> 271 - 266
won |G3| vs Toxic| 267 - 84
won |G3| vs WestCoast DETAILS
won |G3| vs WestCoast DETAILS
nRs vs PGO won DETAILS
won nRs vs WestCoast DETAILS
won nRs vs iF DETAILS
won nRs vs PGO DETAILS
won {SWT} vs ||KOA|| DETAILS
won {SWT} vs ||KOA|| 190 - 129
won JaceK vs <|PGO|> 286 : 265
JaceK vs |G3| won DETAILS
FoX vs wTF won 128:310
won FoX vs Toxic 231:145 
won FoX vs ||KOA|| 121 : 50
won GROM| vs OPP 183:226
won WestCoast vs |G3| Drop in first round
won WestCoast vs KOA DETAILS
won inF vs KOA DETAILS
won qR| vs Katane| 234:129
won qR| vs WcC| DETAILS
won qR| vs sSs| 178:141

lost «|PGÖ|» vs |G3| DETAILS

won WM vs TWT 9-0
won JF! vs IST| 7:5
won JF! vs «|PGO|» 9:3
won JF! Mix |»DFX«| i DOK|» 13:3

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Formatted server name in Score table

Normally in game GUI above the scoreboard you see the server names like this - i.e. without proper font colours:
If you want to see it with colours like on this picture
do the following:
  1. Open your SwatGui.ini file.
  2. Search for [SwatMPPage_servernamelabel] and add below: bAllowHTMLTextFormatting=True 
  3. So now it should look like this:
               Caption=Swat4 Server

Save, start game and enjoy!

Tip taken from with inspiration of EmoPig.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Another remake of FoodWall map on cheater's server

Today I found a server on 1.0 named |HF|HERO_FACTORY LIMITED with map |HF| Foodwall RELOADED. Yes, it is another remake of probably the most modded map - FoodWall.

While the basic map idea and spawn points remained the same, its parts were changed in a pretty interesting way. But be prepared for common bugs of many custom maps - bugged sounds (you cannot identify where the sound is coming from, because it travels also through walls) and falling under the floor after being killed. One picture demonstrating the changes in the map:
You can see the rest of it after connecting to the server. Remember, you must have autodownload enabled in your Swat4.ini.

Warning: server admin is one of the most active cheaters on 1.0 - Italian player Tiger banned by SMAC multiple times for cheats ranging from long-arms to aimbot (and by me too on Revhosting servers). So don't complain when you get team-arrested there ;)
(map image was uploaded to GT, but is waiting approval)


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Odd UAC3 check in {TWT} recruitment process (UPDATED!)

Tuga Warriors Team ask every applicant to provide their UAC ID as part of the membership application topic. Good step indeed, but the way they control this rule is a bit amateurish. The following real-life situations witnessed on {TWT} forum illustrate it better:

Situation A:
Applicant provides his UAC name. But when you search for that name it does not exist (or belongs to a different person). In several cases the player was accepted with such non-existent account. Obviously, no check of information provided by applicant is done.

Situation B:
Applicant provides UAC name, the name exist but the account was never used or no screens were taken. Well, it's better than Situation A, but still useless. Same as having antivirus program and keeping it turned off.

Situation C:
Applicant does not provide any UAC name at all and in the very next post just 5 minutes later he is accepted as seen on the picture:
Although this article might seem as critics towards TWT clan, when compared with many other clans they are ahead as far as UAC check is concerned. Most 1.0 clans still require no UAC account at all. Yet, TWT's way to make this rule working is still long.

To help the clans, soon I will be preparing an article about basic things to focus on when checking someone on UAC3.

UPDATED 20.09.: {TWT} leader Emmeken proves she listens to critics. A while ago she made an improvement in recruitment regarding UAC check, which also applies to current members. Read more in TWT forum. GJ!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

|DWMT| clan closed, JustFrags! takes its place

Busting of Don't waste my time clan co-leader Inside by UAC had hard impact on the whole clan. |DWMT| was closed soon after and it's website is no longer available. Despite of short history, the clan was quite successful on 1.0 VIP scene. 3rd place in the VIP league 2012 confirms that.

As you might already know, a new clan was formed with all ex-members of |DWMT|, naturally except for the sinner. Inside is reported to quit his SWAT career and his x-fire profile seems to confirm that, as he has not been online since then. The new clan was named Just Frags! and it's website is

Personally, I don't see much point in changing name of the clan instead of just kicking the cheater out. But it's up to them of course. Noteworthy is, that the new clan already replaced DWMT also in the upcoming KL VIP tournament.

Week 37 CW results (10.9.-16.9.)

qRage beat nSiC 269:111 (Group B)
Big beat Tpa +101 (Group C)
Big beat LastMinute +53  (Group C)
LastMinute beat ICGT +109 (Group C)
LastMinute beat Tpa +96 (Group C)
Katane beat CM 200:100 (Group E)
blets beat shooT link (Group E)
blets beat LoVe 280:117 (Group E)

Current group tables can be found here. Unfortunately, some spicy discussions regarding no-show punishments took place, but tournament is going on.

|G3| beat {SWT}
{SWT} beat wtF^
ICGT^ beat {SWT}
SWT beat RUS1
2pRo4u beat {SWT}
FoX beat ||KOA||
wtF^ ??? FoX  (both clans reported the match as victory. Link1, Link2)


We are looking for a person interested in preparing weekly CW results report. In case there is a madman willing to do that, contact us :) Got a match to add from any SWAT4 version? Write it in comment.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

CJ vs Raptor - 5:6 (UAC watch)

Egyptian player CJ scored another point when he got caught on UAC as jjkl with radar clearly visible on screen, thus achieving a total of 5 UAC cheat accounts (jjkl, mero_123, a1430835, legend2001,  babygotowned). Unfortunately, that's still not enough to beat so "popular" Raptor with 6 such accounts (SoHRaptorSoH, rappy, badboy00007, naresh, sohhitman, SoHwindu). But CJ doesn't have to give up, he has already 5 more, not caught yet, accounts prepared (GuessWhat, warwarwarlol, youareowned, eslam_cj, doitifyoucan). Go, CJ, go!

Speaking of Raptor, shadow of his heroic past has reached ex-SoH Hitman, now playing for Kahuna Land. Since Hitman helped creating an UAC account for Raptor, UAC logs see the connection between these two players. Flamewar about this case was held not only in our Angerbox but also on UAC forum (which is sometimes not a good idea) and resulted in Hitman's ban on UAC. Also, he has to be removed from the upcoming KL tournament. However, things may change back, as UAC admin shii said he would try to find proof that the cheat account belongs to another person.

This can be a lesson for all UAC users:
- never create account for someone else
- never share your login information with anyone
- never use someone else's account on your PC

EXOGER, member of Suspects Heaven community was caught with radar too. Afterwards, he was expelled from the community.

Polish ex-CoB Largo got detected while playing on SoH server. According to his GameTracker profile, he is now using name maxim.

Usually we don't write about cheaters from Central and South America, who would feel like reading those tons of text. One exception is ||AT||Blackmamba, leader of Argentinian community Reportedly, he was pretty respected as a player with anti-cheat attitude. According to his own words, he got caught after he forgot deleting cheat files, that he had tried in order to proove those are not working on 1.1. Being it truth or not, it's one more lesson for all wanna-be testers: "do not play with fire".

Last interesting UAC catch was a DWMT co-leader Inside. He was having black screens in matches prior to the one when he got detected. Now I am only guessing, but maybe he thought that this will prevent his multihack form being detected. More about this catch and its consequences will be given in a separate article.

Apart from UAC catches, a Third Echelon cadet Anticop got caught with video proof. Shorty after that, he was kicked from the clan. Read full story here. His xfire profile says his nickname now is Masterchef.

Friday, 14 September 2012

RMS - Rank Management System

Is your SWAT4 clan using ranks? Then pay attention! A new system that can be helpful for you was born and here is an introduction written by the system creator himself:

Hello Swat 4 clans, the leaders and maybe the managers of the clans, which are active here, maybe know that it can be difficult to create the clan ranklist. The most of you maybe uses a simple HTML editor like notepad or notepad++ or the site builder of the hoster where the page is hosted. This can be very difficult sometimes, especially when a new rank or group must be added. In order to this, sometimes the manager of the ranklist forgets some players to promote or degrade or something like that.

For this problem last Saturday a new management system was released. The name: RMS - Ranklist Management System. With this web application it is easy to create, manage and edit a ranklist for clans. The powerful tool is very easy to use and can be opened from every computer with internet connection. The registration process is very easy, you only need to enter your login information and the ranklist name. Other options can be specified in the settings after you logged in. With the ranks, groups and users tab you can create your ranks you have in clan and order them easily with drag and drop operations. The users you create can be moved into a number of user groups - you can create, for example Administrators and players. The groups can be assigned its own colour and will be shown under your ranklist. A high-end feature is the possibility to see the distribution in the clan based on the own created ranks and groups in form of visual graphs. With this statistics you have the overview all the time.

And the best feature: this all is FREE! The registration is free, the creation of ranks, groups and users is unlimited. You can add some managers too with special rights, so for example one user can only create, edit and delete players, but can nothing do with ranks or groups.

You can include your ranklist in your website with several methods, for example with PHP include or HTML iframe. You can insert a link to your ranklist hosted by us, too.

If you interested you can test the application for free with our test account:
- login-name: Test
- login-password: 123456
or you can create your very own new account. You can login here:

Our projects home can be found here:

Thanks for your attention. Greetings,


Thursday, 13 September 2012

KL Tournament is up and ready!

In continuation to the previous article, the undecided options have now been certified. 

For starters, the deadline for team registration will be 23rd of September. This date has been carefully manipulated to allow members to submit a team before the group stages are decided.   The first match will be scheduled for 29th of September. 

The most favoured game mod was 1.0 however, the scheduled servers have yet to be set. Team members will now be able to submit 5 players and one back up. The tournament organisers have also allowed Clans and Mixed teams to participate, making the tournament more exciting. 

The on-going debate between RD or VIP has been settled, with the clear winner being VIP Mode. 

Since the tournament is meant to be fair and enjoyable, a set of rules have been set in which team members must agree to before they get accepted. 

More news will soon follow. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New maps at SH servers (1.0)

Recently, Suspects Heaven servers added new (meaning not official) maps to rotation, mixed with normal maps. Unlike in many similar attempts seen before, these are pretty often full enough to have fun there. Servers run in BS mode on 1.0 version, sometimes with forced only tazer or only python.


You can download both map packs from SH downloads section or try if autodownload works there. In GameTracker widgets below you can see if a new map is currently set and number of players to help you decide if its worth joining.

> XFIRE JOIN <                      > XFIRE JOIN <

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Friendship or fear?

Some relationships in SWAT community are based on aspects hard to understand, at least for me. As illustrated in the following story, sometimes the path from crashing some clan's server and becoming it's member is surprisingly short.

Listen to this story from T.S.S., between U.B.P. clan and a player called AlexCross(Hun) aka Mercenary (yet, player and clan names are not important). What can be understood from this topic on UBP forum, Alex had been crashing UBP servers for some time. Luckily, they seem to find their peace, though no details of private conversation are given.

Later situation changes as seen in this topic. Alex decides to ban some UBP players on their own server thx to the fact he had gained their server admin password somehow. Here the UBP clan leader calls him "a rude f guy frustrated". Well, that's pretty understandable. End of story? No way!

Two weeks later Alex writes an application to UBP clan. And though being denied in the first round of voting, soon some UBP members start changing their opinions due to "long talks" with UBP clan leader and Alex himself.

The most ridiculous fact in the end - Alex is still a member of xfire group named "Anti UBP Association".

One would expect a story like this is unique, at least in a relatively small gaming community like SWAT4 has. Alas, almost a copy-paste scenario can be seen on 1.0 too. So what is the main motivation of it all - friendship or fear?


Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 36 CW results (3.9.-9.9.)

BS 2v2 Tournament
Big beat ICGT^Jihad +50 (Group C)
SnakeEyes beat ICGTwm^ +51 (Group D)
KATANE beat TM  204-110 (Group E)
blets beat «|PGÖ|» 255-140 (Group F)
shooT beat «|PGÖ|» 175-129 (Group F)
Current group tables can be found here. BS tournament continues suffering from numerous no-shows (not stated in this article). Fortunately, newly implemented rule of 2 no-shows resulting in a team kick is a good news for teams really interested in playing.

wtF^ beat {SWT} 222 - 214
wTF^ beat FoX 222-143
{SWT} beat «|PGÖ|» 226-142 
{SWT} beat RUS1 +37
{SWT} beat Hard| +94
2pRo4U beat {SWT} +17
|DWMT| beat DFX 326-70
|DWMT| beat DoK 366-253
«|PGÖ|» beat |DWMT| 4-0 (rounds)
RUS1 beat {SWT} 318-250 
RUS1 beat {SWT} 104-57

Rapid Deployment
ß29 beat VGC 4:0
{TRS} beat |DWMT| 2-0

IST beat {TWT} 7-3
|WM| beat «|US|» 6-2
Got a match to add from any SWAT4 version? Write it in comment.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Moravia Gaming, (MG)
Primary SWAT Game Mode: VIP escort 1.0, RD (only handguns) 1.0
Date Clan was founded: 1.1.2011
Past + Current Leader(s): Akraix
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): n/a
Major Tournament(s) participated in: n/a
Best general out-clan war performance: n/a
Clan video link(s):  n/a
Clan motto: Strength and honour
Clan website:

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Exciting SWAT 4 Tournament Hosted by KL Clan

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know that KL Clan are hosting their very own SWAT 4 Tournament.
The decisions i.e. how many players can contribute, the game mods etc have not yet been announced. However, the clan are now giving the public the opportunity to take part and democratically vote for what they prefer.

All of the information regarding the tournament can be found here, so please take a moment to view it. To view the forum it is mandatory you register.

Alongside SWAT 4 Tournament, this tournament is aimed to bring the members around the world together to enjoy the essence of the game.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Changes in S4N team & what's next

Hello readers!

This week was pretty decisive regarding the future of the blog. Many of us were afraid it will die, few others were looking forward for it and saying "finally". In the end, Sun - the creator of the blog, chose James and me to continue in his respectable work he had done here so far. He had published 208 articles since the beginning of the year, spent lots of hours on research but before anything else had the idea of creating the blog and also the power to attract attention to it and keep it alive until now. Big respect mate!

We would like to continue in the direction he set, here is our vision about the blog:
- keep regular articles on clan profiles, UAC watch, CW updates and hopefully also interviews
- member updates articles will be probably reduced. In my opinion they just give attention to clan jumpers, who are not worth it. But if James wants, he can continue with them.
- James will cover mainly topics on VIP 1.0 community, KL tournament which is being prepared, clan jumpers if he wants. Since he is (unlike me) a native English speaker, he will be also in charge of grammar and stylistic corrections if necessary :)
- I will take care of UAC watch, cheaters, new maps/mods. Also, I would like to expand the blog to 1.1, especially VIP clans there. And over time also to T.S.S, at least slightly.

If you want to participate on creation of this blog, there are these options for you:
- sending us info about clan war results, if possible also with a link to match on clan web/forum
- sending us information or a complete article that we will publish, with or without your name under it (as you prefer)
- becoming co-author of this blog with the right to publish your own articles. To achieve that, send us an e-mail with a vision what topics you would like to cover and we will consider that. I know we will need larger team, because sooner or later we might run out of article ideas.

I intend to work on popularity of the blog so if you can, help and spread a word or two about it as well. Some useful articles will be coming soon, so it's worth for SWAT4 fans to check the blog regularly.

P.S.: our email and xfire contacts can be found at the bottom of the blog.

UAC watch

Since last UACW article, there was again a number of caught cheaters:

vilelav - probably not known to you, he is mostly TSS player from Portugal. When caught with radar on screen, he was a member of TSS clan named UBP, but after being reported to the clan leader he was fired from the clan.

|KOS13|Horus - French player seen on 1.0 BS servers, mainly SWT where he was 3rd in GameTracker list. He was caught with radar and aimbot while playing on Suspects Heaven server.

Strumph and Manistra - Croatian players caught on HoP server with same IP, both trying the same cheat, I have no idea why the latter tried it after first of them was caught. Same story goes for TRENDSETTER, player from India.

budapest - little known 1.0 player. Interesting is, he was trying a so called SkyTech "cheat" as shown in video available on the Internet. The cheat file was nothing but a renamed harmless DLL present in clean S4 installations and used to make joke of cheat seekers. Pity it was bundled with an injector that got detected in this case.

xxx - co-leader of RUS1 clan had a multi-cheat - RADAR/WH/Aimbot/NRC. Although he tried pretending he had no idea what it was on UAC forum, he must had known very well about it. After he deleted the cheat file he used UAC on his other profile, this time without being detected.

Finally one non-UAC catch in a video made by player using name Me. in Angerbox (I think he does not wish to publish his usual name so I will respect it): 
Player |Fs|Mirko is using no-recoil and probably also radar or WH there. Fs site is down and this clan is neither a big fan of xfire, so any reaction towards this from their side is welcome.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Clan Name & Tag: Don't Waste My Time, |DWMT|
Primary SWAT Game Mode: ViP Escort
Date Clan was founded: 14/01/2012
Past + Current Leader(s): DeoN, Miami (Founders)
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): Few people joined us, and they're trusted. 
Major Tournament(s) participated in: 1.0 ViP 2012 (3rd)
Best general out-clan war performance: Highest win vs PL 21-1, rest you can check here
Clan video link(s): n/a yet
Clan motto: Don't Waste My Time
Clan website:

Clan closed in September 2012. Read more here.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Possible Final War Update 28 Aug-3 Sept

|WM| beat hfbc|| 175-170 [Group D, BS Tourno]*
RUS1 beat «|US|» 245-139 [BS]
{SWT} beat RUS1 [BS]
|DWMT| beat {|4U|} 10-2 [ViP]
GHT beat «|SoH|» 8-3 [ViP]
IST drew with {TWT} [ViP]

*Numerous 'No-Shows' in Tourney not listed.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Site likely to close next week

After nine months, SWAT 4 News will likely close next week. Unless someone out there is willing to take over (which is doubtful) the blog will become static and archived next Friday. The reason for closure is that there will be simply not enough time for the authors to keep it updated regularly.