Friday, 14 September 2012

RMS - Rank Management System

Is your SWAT4 clan using ranks? Then pay attention! A new system that can be helpful for you was born and here is an introduction written by the system creator himself:

Hello Swat 4 clans, the leaders and maybe the managers of the clans, which are active here, maybe know that it can be difficult to create the clan ranklist. The most of you maybe uses a simple HTML editor like notepad or notepad++ or the site builder of the hoster where the page is hosted. This can be very difficult sometimes, especially when a new rank or group must be added. In order to this, sometimes the manager of the ranklist forgets some players to promote or degrade or something like that.

For this problem last Saturday a new management system was released. The name: RMS - Ranklist Management System. With this web application it is easy to create, manage and edit a ranklist for clans. The powerful tool is very easy to use and can be opened from every computer with internet connection. The registration process is very easy, you only need to enter your login information and the ranklist name. Other options can be specified in the settings after you logged in. With the ranks, groups and users tab you can create your ranks you have in clan and order them easily with drag and drop operations. The users you create can be moved into a number of user groups - you can create, for example Administrators and players. The groups can be assigned its own colour and will be shown under your ranklist. A high-end feature is the possibility to see the distribution in the clan based on the own created ranks and groups in form of visual graphs. With this statistics you have the overview all the time.

And the best feature: this all is FREE! The registration is free, the creation of ranks, groups and users is unlimited. You can add some managers too with special rights, so for example one user can only create, edit and delete players, but can nothing do with ranks or groups.

You can include your ranklist in your website with several methods, for example with PHP include or HTML iframe. You can insert a link to your ranklist hosted by us, too.

If you interested you can test the application for free with our test account:
- login-name: Test
- login-password: 123456
or you can create your very own new account. You can login here:

Our projects home can be found here:

Thanks for your attention. Greetings,