Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Friendship or fear?

Some relationships in SWAT community are based on aspects hard to understand, at least for me. As illustrated in the following story, sometimes the path from crashing some clan's server and becoming it's member is surprisingly short.

Listen to this story from T.S.S., between U.B.P. clan and a player called AlexCross(Hun) aka Mercenary (yet, player and clan names are not important). What can be understood from this topic on UBP forum, Alex had been crashing UBP servers for some time. Luckily, they seem to find their peace, though no details of private conversation are given.

Later situation changes as seen in this topic. Alex decides to ban some UBP players on their own server thx to the fact he had gained their server admin password somehow. Here the UBP clan leader calls him "a rude f guy frustrated". Well, that's pretty understandable. End of story? No way!

Two weeks later Alex writes an application to UBP clan. And though being denied in the first round of voting, soon some UBP members start changing their opinions due to "long talks" with UBP clan leader and Alex himself.

The most ridiculous fact in the end - Alex is still a member of xfire group named "Anti UBP Association".

One would expect a story like this is unique, at least in a relatively small gaming community like SWAT4 has. Alas, almost a copy-paste scenario can be seen on 1.0 too. So what is the main motivation of it all - friendship or fear?