Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 36 CW results (3.9.-9.9.)

BS 2v2 Tournament
Big beat ICGT^Jihad +50 (Group C)
SnakeEyes beat ICGTwm^ +51 (Group D)
KATANE beat TM  204-110 (Group E)
blets beat «|PGÖ|» 255-140 (Group F)
shooT beat «|PGÖ|» 175-129 (Group F)
Current group tables can be found here. BS tournament continues suffering from numerous no-shows (not stated in this article). Fortunately, newly implemented rule of 2 no-shows resulting in a team kick is a good news for teams really interested in playing.

wtF^ beat {SWT} 222 - 214
wTF^ beat FoX 222-143
{SWT} beat «|PGÖ|» 226-142 
{SWT} beat RUS1 +37
{SWT} beat Hard| +94
2pRo4U beat {SWT} +17
|DWMT| beat DFX 326-70
|DWMT| beat DoK 366-253
«|PGÖ|» beat |DWMT| 4-0 (rounds)
RUS1 beat {SWT} 318-250 
RUS1 beat {SWT} 104-57

Rapid Deployment
ß29 beat VGC 4:0
{TRS} beat |DWMT| 2-0

IST beat {TWT} 7-3
|WM| beat «|US|» 6-2
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