Thursday, 20 September 2012

Another remake of FoodWall map on cheater's server

Today I found a server on 1.0 named |HF|HERO_FACTORY LIMITED with map |HF| Foodwall RELOADED. Yes, it is another remake of probably the most modded map - FoodWall.

While the basic map idea and spawn points remained the same, its parts were changed in a pretty interesting way. But be prepared for common bugs of many custom maps - bugged sounds (you cannot identify where the sound is coming from, because it travels also through walls) and falling under the floor after being killed. One picture demonstrating the changes in the map:
You can see the rest of it after connecting to the server. Remember, you must have autodownload enabled in your Swat4.ini.

Warning: server admin is one of the most active cheaters on 1.0 - Italian player Tiger banned by SMAC multiple times for cheats ranging from long-arms to aimbot (and by me too on Revhosting servers). So don't complain when you get team-arrested there ;)
(map image was uploaded to GT, but is waiting approval)