Friday, 30 March 2012

General Update

In the latest happenings, reputed clan-jumper Mc is looking for another new clan (he has had 4 different clans in the past 2 months), double-clan player Assassin is now in SoH, under a new nickname "Raper" (was caught double-clanning on three seperate occasions in past month), United Fusion of Skills clan has died for a third time (you heard that correctly), and slightly more positive news in that according to Wikipedia, this time next week SWAT will have celebrated it's 7th birthday.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

ScareCrow/Jackal "leaves" SWAT 4

Former UF, SoH, Blood, KoN, SA, FAB and CoB member ScareCrow has written that he has "left" the SWAT 4 community. You can view his leaving message from CoB forums here.

Anonymous cheater caught 7 times in succession by SMAC

A player, using name ANONYMOUS, has been caught 7 times in a single hour by SMAC anti-cheat. He has been caught in 7 different countries, most likely using software to fake his IP location:

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Why did 1.1 die?

Decided to make a different type of article seeing as there is very little happening in the 1.0 community at the moment. Was wondering what people think the reason was behind 1.1 dieing. There have been many arguments before about which version is better, which type of rules are better etc. Some 1p1's have said that people who left 1.0 and joined 1.1 felt it was a better gaming experience in 1.1. But that being said, I've heard very little reasoning as to why 1.1 died.

Is it a coincidence that the RD scene in 1.0 is also fairly obsolete (bearing in mind the similarity of rules there and in 1.1)? I await your views, but please no "pff 1.0/1.1 < insult >".

Monday, 26 March 2012

The adventures of ex-{|UF|}Ant

1 Joins {|UF|} Ultimate Force. Suspicions arise of his gameplay.
2 {|UF|} Dies. Joins {|UFF|} Ultimate Force Forever.
3 {|UFF|} Dies. Joins 3A|» Against All Authority under nickname "Hagi"
4 3A|» kick him for using hacks. Joins CoB with nickname "Guti"
5 Tbone embraces his 'close brother'. Guti/Hagi/Ant remains in CoB and asks to join 3A|» again, this time under a fake nickname Xavi
6 Gets caught again and kicked again by 3A|» 
7 Claiming he has left CoB, makes a recruitment application to US

We wonder what lies next in this fascinating adventure for ex-{|UF|}Ant...

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Double wins for 3A|» and |SAM| in Premier League

Week 2 of the ViP Premier League has been completed, with double-wins for Against All Authority and Special Army Mexico clan.  {WRS} and {TRS} shared a victory each, as did |DWMT| and FoX|, with the latter match featuring a thrilling tied game to boot. 

For the latest, updated table, click here. As usual, clans can expect their next fixtures updated on Monday.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nitrous clan breeze into SWT BS final

Nitrous clan beat SnakeEyes team 126-73 in the 2v2 Barricaded Suspects tournament semi-final organized by {SWT}. They will now face either WestCoast or Dangerous (a duo from SWT) in the final. The tournament has taken a long time to finish, but you can see the latest scores here.

New 'Swat 4 Community' Facebook group opened

A new Facebook group entitled "SWAT 4 Community" has been opened, and is proving popular with over 60 members joining inside the first 5 days of going live. It is used mainly for discussion and spam, and can be found here.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Clan member watch

In the latest member ViP clan leaving-and-joining, portuguese ex-B4E manager Mc has joined US clan, former B4E elite Neo has joined {|4U|} clan, ex-FoH leader Crotales has become an Elite Super Admin at CoB clan with turkish player Ant (ex-UFF) joining as a member. Finally, former SuR leader Bulldog has left his leadership post from {UFS} United Fusion of Skills and joined USA SWAT Team.  

Monday, 19 March 2012

«|SoH|» open new site after hackings, lies continue

After their site got hacked last week, Shadow of Heroes «|SoH|» clan have since opened a new one; we found an interesting new quote from there:

"Unfortunately, there were still people who didn't like the fact that SoH is in top, and they tried to kill it anyway they could. One person tried to call SoH cheaters by coming to server using SoH member names and cheating, causing UAC allerts. After big fight in UAC forums, tbone managed to defend clan and proved that SoH never cheat. The cheat-calling was proved to be false, and SoH was officially called innocent. These attempts to destroy SoH family wounded, but didn't stop SoH from rising again. It shows how much SoH members are connected and working with each other. This way, no-one will be able to reach SoH family."

The mind boggles how they can stay in denial for so long, and lie to make themselves happier.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Premier League round-up

There were double wins for hfbc, 3A and FoX whilst SAM and TRS shared a victory each in their match. You can find the updated table here, although there is a long way to go in the tournament yet so things can change. Clans should visit the forum on Monday as Week 2 fixtures and projected times will be listed.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

CoB clan is re-born

CoB clan (not the polish one), an international Barricaded Suspects clan based originally in 1.1, has been re-born, with them establishing servers on the 1.0 scene and a new updated forum these past few days. CoB clan bring a very established reputation from 1.1 and look to now impress in the 1.0 world.

Already they are active on the recruitment scene, with member Warren Samuels today asking {FAB} member MK to join, whilst simulteonusly ridiculing his current clan, as the below screenshots show (click to view and use magnifying tool to enlarge):

We seem to have heard the name Warren Samuels from somewhere before...

Windu leaves «|SoH|»

EDIT: He has since re-joined. Windu has relinquished his leadership status of «|SoH|» ViP clan.  We cannot confirm the exact reason although the quote "i always believe in fair" from his leaving post hints that it could've been due to the cheating issue that had harmed the clan's reputation in recent weeks.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ninjato closes {|UFF|}

MrElie has delayed the inevitable and closed {|UFF|} Ultimate Force Forever clan in the last few hours. The GameTracker page for the clan has been taken down and he has written an *emotional* goodbye message on the forum. We hope he does not now turn his attention to hacking and destroying other clans.

OPINION: The ViP community is messed up

Bit of time since I done one of these articles but after recent events I had no choice. There are so many things messed up with the v1.0 ViP community right now, it's pretty sad.

First I'll go with the most recent thing happening just this morning; UFS clan accepting ex-SuR Assassin into their clan for the third time, the man who was caught using double-clan identities twice before, and leader ManWithGun then abusing a Guest forum user who was questioning the decision. They thanked us for giving the info about him but to be honest there was really no point of us doing that.

Then you've got the {|4U|} and Elie saga, with the Qatari unable to accept that his clan is dieing due to his leadership, taking out his fury instead on the clan that is growing successfully whilst his own crumbles. His reasoning of "I don't have much time to lead clan anyway" doesn't fool anyone; soon he will join Justice in the hall of fame as the only leaders to lead a clan twice and fail both times. Elie has also undertook multiple attempts to hack this website in recent weeks, most recently using a SoH member to convince a member of S4N to share the login details to the control panel of the blog. I don't think it's a coincidence that the SoH website was hacked the day after the SoH member failed in his attempts.

Next, you've got a new upcoming Indian community which is being lead by Jackal coming soon, and it seems he hasn't learnt anything from his Blood days; a few weeks ago he told my friend that he was looking to give "high ranks to make members happy". Some people will never learn. Finally, as a side point, you've got people using undercover xFire IDs and accounts to fool others; as well as joining other clans with undercover nicks, just 'for a prank'. The ViP community is f**ked up right now.


Monday, 12 March 2012

New cheat definition released for UAC

Version 13 of SWAT 4 cheat definitions was updated today by UAC3. All those with a UAC account should be able to download it when they open the program. It is the first update of cheat definitions for this game after more than a year, which could mean more undetected hacks will be revealed from now on.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Range IP found of 2-clan player

An Indian player, who has been using nicknames such as uBen, Assassin, Skull and Vodka, has been caught having double-clan identities for the past month. He joined US after the merge with SuR but deleted his GameTracker account when he was caught, before he then joined UFS. Whilst this was all happening, he was in Ultimate Force Forever clan {|UFF|} using nickname Vodka.  He has since been banned from UFS. If your clan recieves a recruitment topic from a person who's IP range is 122.161.*.* or similar, it is highly likely to be the same guy who has divulged in these activities for the past few weeks.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Premier League fixtures announced

9 clans have registered for the ViP Premier League and you can now find out your first set of matches on the dedicated tournament forum --> SWAT 4 Tournament Forum.

Friday, 9 March 2012

New clans open in RD and BS mode

There are not many active Rapid Deployment clans these days but a new clan called Vg Crew opened officially this week. Meanwhile, members of {B4E} - the ViP clan that died last week - have formed a new Barricaded Suspects clan called Guardian Angels {|GA|}.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

UAC update

Today saw a few famous past UAC cheaters resurface again; firstly {SuR}RunneR, who was caught for the second time this morning, and more famously SoH leader Raptor, who created multiple accounts -->  and, with screenshots showing him using the WebAdmin when it was made clear by co-leader Windu that he had been 'suspended' from clan.

Meanwhile, UAC is not likely to support many cracked games in future updates.  This would mean less people are able to use the program but would also cut the "I didn't know my game had cheats included" excuse.

Monday, 5 March 2012

{FAB}Jackal uses fake xFire name in effort to harm 3A|» clan's reputation

{FAB}Jackal has been using fake xFire nicknames in an effort to harm Against All Authority 3A|» clan's reputation. A few members of the projected new clan AFR joined USA Swat Team a week ago, and the former UF, SoH and Blood player donned  3A|» co-leader SkyWalker's nickname on xFire, questioning a member of AFR as to why they joined US.

Scarecrow then went on to start begging this particular player to join 3A|», with the aim clearly set out to harm the clan's reputation and to make it look like 3A|» was stealing other clan's members. The original SkyWalker found out and then questioned OnSlaught (the AFR member) to which he owned up stating it was "scarecrow's prank plan".  The xFire screenshot proof of that particular conversation can be found here.

Meanwhile, |WM|Michal and |WM|Charfire have been going undercover in 1.0 clans and joining them under different nicknames. Michal used nickname Enforcer (in both {SuR} and US after merge) whilst Charfire used nick 'Unno'.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

ViP v1.0 Tournament could be split into two leagues

Due to issues regarding server location and pings, it is likely that the ViP v1.0 tournament will be split into 'two' leagues - 2 smaller leagues with 6 clans in each (since 12 are participating), one league representing Europe (Premier League) and one league representing the Latin contingent (Primera Liga).  The winners of both leagues would then face each other in the 'Champions League' final.

All leaders of participating clans will be given more info regarding this over the next few days. Keep up to date by regularly checking the Tournament Forum.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Another ViP clan supposedly dead

{B4E} Brothers 4 Eva's website updated a 'clan closed' message just a few hours ago. However, the clan's ViP and BS servers are still online so this is not definite news yet (you never know an emotional "please don't close clan" message might make them change their mind). If it turns out correct, this will be the second ViP clan to close this week, with {B4E} lasting just two months.

We wonder how long it will take for a new clan to form which all {B4E}'s members could join, before dieing within 2-3 months again. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

FUN: Share your in-game screenshots

Have you taken screenshots in a SWAT 4 match which have made you proud of your achievements? Share them in the comments section below - we'll collectively decide which screens are the most impressive! NOTE: This is just for fun, not to compare skills of players. Either click on the "+Image" button in the comments box or use a site such as Imageshack to host your shots for all to see.