Monday, 26 March 2012

The adventures of ex-{|UF|}Ant

1 Joins {|UF|} Ultimate Force. Suspicions arise of his gameplay.
2 {|UF|} Dies. Joins {|UFF|} Ultimate Force Forever.
3 {|UFF|} Dies. Joins 3A|» Against All Authority under nickname "Hagi"
4 3A|» kick him for using hacks. Joins CoB with nickname "Guti"
5 Tbone embraces his 'close brother'. Guti/Hagi/Ant remains in CoB and asks to join 3A|» again, this time under a fake nickname Xavi
6 Gets caught again and kicked again by 3A|» 
7 Claiming he has left CoB, makes a recruitment application to US

We wonder what lies next in this fascinating adventure for ex-{|UF|}Ant...