Monday, 19 March 2012

«|SoH|» open new site after hackings, lies continue

After their site got hacked last week, Shadow of Heroes «|SoH|» clan have since opened a new one; we found an interesting new quote from there:

"Unfortunately, there were still people who didn't like the fact that SoH is in top, and they tried to kill it anyway they could. One person tried to call SoH cheaters by coming to server using SoH member names and cheating, causing UAC allerts. After big fight in UAC forums, tbone managed to defend clan and proved that SoH never cheat. The cheat-calling was proved to be false, and SoH was officially called innocent. These attempts to destroy SoH family wounded, but didn't stop SoH from rising again. It shows how much SoH members are connected and working with each other. This way, no-one will be able to reach SoH family."

The mind boggles how they can stay in denial for so long, and lie to make themselves happier.