Monday, 5 March 2012

{FAB}Jackal uses fake xFire name in effort to harm 3A|» clan's reputation

{FAB}Jackal has been using fake xFire nicknames in an effort to harm Against All Authority 3A|» clan's reputation. A few members of the projected new clan AFR joined USA Swat Team a week ago, and the former UF, SoH and Blood player donned  3A|» co-leader SkyWalker's nickname on xFire, questioning a member of AFR as to why they joined US.

Scarecrow then went on to start begging this particular player to join 3A|», with the aim clearly set out to harm the clan's reputation and to make it look like 3A|» was stealing other clan's members. The original SkyWalker found out and then questioned OnSlaught (the AFR member) to which he owned up stating it was "scarecrow's prank plan".  The xFire screenshot proof of that particular conversation can be found here.

Meanwhile, |WM|Michal and |WM|Charfire have been going undercover in 1.0 clans and joining them under different nicknames. Michal used nickname Enforcer (in both {SuR} and US after merge) whilst Charfire used nick 'Unno'.