Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Why did 1.1 die?

Decided to make a different type of article seeing as there is very little happening in the 1.0 community at the moment. Was wondering what people think the reason was behind 1.1 dieing. There have been many arguments before about which version is better, which type of rules are better etc. Some 1p1's have said that people who left 1.0 and joined 1.1 felt it was a better gaming experience in 1.1. But that being said, I've heard very little reasoning as to why 1.1 died.

Is it a coincidence that the RD scene in 1.0 is also fairly obsolete (bearing in mind the similarity of rules there and in 1.1)? I await your views, but please no "pff 1.0/1.1 < insult >".