Monday, 25 February 2013

XfireLeaks: even some skilled players use cheats

A scrap of xfire conversation shows that even players who could enjoy being considered as TOP, sometimes choose the wrong path instead and thus ruin their own reputation. Our example shows a |»Delta«| member Bjoggi (xfire: bjoggi94) speaking about using modified INI files giving him advantage in lower recoil, better shooting accuracy, stronger bullets and faster leaning. I am baffled how can he claim this is not cheating?

Article based on this nRs forum topic.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

«|T3F|» affection for cheating

After writing about cheaters here I usually inform clans on their own websites as well. Some clans kick such members immediately, others ignore you for some time and some even ban you. This last group has been recently reinforced by «|T3F|» clan. Their proud member Digital_Eyes was introduced in an article a week ago. What happened after I made a post on their website? It got deleted, Digital_Eyes changed his website name to Crow_Man, still wearing the tag. I pointed that out again in their chatbox. Soon I found myself banned and post deleted. Person who did that was Jack, «|T3F|» admin and probably leader/one of leaders. Since then, Digital_Eyes has been happily cheating on 1.0 servers, wearing different names, for example «|T3F|»Bad_boy. Which VIP clan does this approach to cheaters in own ranks remind you?

Player using UAC names "n00biz", "Stela" or "Stelaru" and some more created a profile with name "primaa". He used a Moroccan proxy server when he got detected, that's why at first sight it seemed that 1.1 player from Morocco known as primaaa (xfire: zdimo) scored his 3rd UAC cheat account. After a closer look it seems, that the man behind this is "Stela - member of {OS} clan".

Friday, 1 February 2013

GameTracker banners alternative - GAME-STATE.EU

Most clans used to have banners of their servers on their website provided by GameTracker. After GameSpy had cut its support for SWAT4, GameTracker was no longer able to scan the servers. As an alternative you can use service offered by WWW.GAME-STATE.EU. Though being not as rich in features, it can provide the basic info about your server for your website including some colour customization and a number of banner designs to choose from. One example is below, to see all possible designs, click here.
After registration, you can add your own servers. However, mysteriously some cannot be added and some are not scanned properly. Also forget player statistics, server rankings, map images in banners, etc.

EDIT: GameTracker support available again - read more here.