Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Ever since ||ESA|| moved their VIP headquarters to 1.0, their recruitment section has become very active with recent new members including foobar, ghost_assassin and ex-SoH member Spidy. Meanwhile, Dutch hitman Sinaas has rejoined |MYT|, German shooter Rugi and Turkish player Semavi have joined  «|PG|», and former SuR, T3, 4U and EPIC clan member Ben has become a |WM| trial

Monday, 26 August 2013

Turkey win the World Cup

After securing a 7-3 victory over Germany last night, Turkey were crowned champions of the VIP World Cup tournament. A big congrats to them. You can find the full summary of the all the tourney events below:

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Clan Name & Tag: Comando Elite Latino, »{CEL}«
Primary SWAT Game Mode: Barricaded Suspects 1.0 ( but soon 1.1)
Date Clan was founded: November 2007
Past + Current Leader(s): Eddie, Peke, Aurinegro (Past), Eddie, Rambo, BaNd!t (Current)
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): Peke & Aurinegro left due to personal problems
Major Tournament(s) participated in: »)L4C(« Tournament 2008 1.0 (Runners-up)
Best general out-clan war performance: Not sure, check results here
Clan video link(s): Video 1, Video 2
Clan motto: IN GOD WE TRUST !!
Clan website: and

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The only safe way not to get busted is playing clean

You can come across resources claiming to be able to bypass UAC3. Some of them even work to certain extent but you should know, that each one that I am aware of can be recognized by deeper investigation even when screen-shots appear to be clean. And who was tempted to try?
  • Let's start with 1.1 player Franek (xfire: ilovefw), whose cheats were also visible on the screens.
  • It's already boring to mention Pяøтέсн member pR1maA (xfire: zdimo) who cheated on UAC account buldog lately. Strange is that he shared this account with <|Animal|>Pandinho (xfire: DarkGhost1982). While Franek was added to blacklist on the team forum we will see if they take same action against their own member, who has now been caught at least 3 times with cheats.
  • Other people trying to bypass the anticheat include notorious cheaters Stanec and CJ, «SoH»Lightman and one insignificant player from Brasil.
Let's continue with "regular" cheaters:
  • A French bossdu62 turned on his cheats while playing on HoP server and after he set an xfire status complaining about HoP admins. Maybe you will meet this cheater with name nRx|Adidas.
  • As a bonus, after 6 months a new cheater was caught on TSS, member of Freedom Fighters clan Salix (xfire: salixtr).

Monday, 19 August 2013

Germany to meet Turkey in World Cup final

After 2 weeks delay, the two semi-finals of the World Cup were finally completed today with Turkey beating Russia 8-4 and Germany defeating the Czech Republic 7-5 earlier on. The final match-up is a repeat of the Group A clash that Turkey edged 7-5.  The tournament should be completed by the coming weekend, with the server possibly moving to 1.1 if both countries agree.

Friday, 9 August 2013


Clan Name & Tag: European Swat Alliance, ||ESA||
Primary SWAT Game Mode: ViP 1.1
Date Clan was founded: April 9th, 2006
Past + Current Leader(s): Jay-B + Benedictus (Past), Benedictus (Current)
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): Jay-B left because private situation
Major Tournament(s) participated in: [will be updated]
Best general out-clan war performance: ViP victory 4:3 vs |WM|
Clan video link(s): Video 1 Video 2
Clan motto: This is how we do it!
Clan website:

Friday, 2 August 2013

Clan War Report (1st July - 1st August)


Upcoming match: «|SoH|» vs {|4U|}


nRs| beat pRoTecH| (418-177)
nRs| beat wtF^ (219-167)
nRs| beat <|ANIMAL|> (87-56)
pRoTecH| beat |GROM| (+10)
pRoTecH| beat <|ANIMAL|> (164-103)

SWAT4 VIP Cup Results

Group tables 

POLAND beat INDIA (8-4)
GB beat TUNISIA (10-2)
GERMANY beat GB (11-1)
RUSSIA beat INDIA (9-3)
RUSSIA beat POLAND (7-5)
TURKEY beat GB (7-5)