Saturday, 24 August 2013


Clan Name & Tag: Comando Elite Latino, »{CEL}«
Primary SWAT Game Mode: Barricaded Suspects 1.0 ( but soon 1.1)
Date Clan was founded: November 2007
Past + Current Leader(s): Eddie, Peke, Aurinegro (Past), Eddie, Rambo, BaNd!t (Current)
Reason why Leadership changed (if it did change): Peke & Aurinegro left due to personal problems
Major Tournament(s) participated in: »)L4C(« Tournament 2008 1.0 (Runners-up)
Best general out-clan war performance: Not sure, check results here
Clan video link(s): Video 1, Video 2
Clan motto: IN GOD WE TRUST !!
Clan website: and