Thursday, 26 June 2014

Invites sent for final tournament

All the major VIP clans will have their forums spammed within following days as we look to see whether people backup their votes in the poll. To sum it up briefly, a 1.1 tournament with Antics that will only go ahead if atleast 6 active squads (clan or mixed teams) sign up. For more info, visit

Friday, 13 June 2014

Interview with S4N|Sun

Please Note that these questions were choose by different members of swat 4 community.

Question 1) Tell us something about yourself. Your history with swat, your previous clan, etc., prior to Swat 4 news.

I got the 2-pack SWAT CD as part of a purchase for an old computer in late 2007. I started playing multi-player in 2008 and loved the VIP Escort mode. Being born and brought-up on 1.0, I got accustomed to the rules of no camping, spawning etc. I wanted to join a clan and considered the 3 most popular servers on 1.0, which were «|US|», {FAB} and |Fs| at the time. The two latter choices only had servers based in America which wasn’t ideal ping-wise, so I chose USA Swat Team. They also had a pretty nice and unique clan tag lol, although many other clans have now since copied it.

Monday, 9 June 2014

SWAT4 wiki releases biggest mappack ever made

To continue the recent theme of customized SWAT4 maps, there has been a new map pack released on SWAT4 wiki maintained by a guy named induktio which contains hundreds of SP and MP maps compressed into a 1.2GB torrent file. The maps are compatible with all versions and there are screenshots included from the original authors.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the many other facets of this old website that are useful for SWAT players. There are sections on console commands and tutorials of creating your own custom map, as well as basic tweaks such as the ability to use special characters and colored names, skipping initial dispatches on Co-Op mode etc.

There are also downloads such as the Advanced Tactical Center, which "provides floorplans for all Swat4 and TSS maps, drawing tools to work out tactics". In summary, it is a very comprehensive site with a range of features that are sure to interest the common player.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Stats-tracker website now available for your server too

After lengthy development new statistics tracker by |MYT| clan wizard Serge was released for public. Apart from various stats (which can be seen in similar mods of other authors too) it now comes enhanced with a brand new standalone website that provides features such as:
  • Scoreboards of all almost 300,000 rounds played on MYT servers since August 2007
  • Server browser with the ability to join servers (works only for one version of the game)
  • Player profiles and stats searchable by name
This server mod had been private until recently but now you can bring new dimension also to your server by following this tutorial. Contact Serge via xfire (mytserge) and start tracking and preserving history of each and every round played on your own clan server. All your game statistics will be displayed on the website linked below.

Note that we added link to the tracking website to our main menu as well.