Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Member movements

Turkish veterans BrK and HecToR have joined nRs| as part of a new VIP side to the clan that has been recently opened (with server on 1.0). British youngster Cub has left {KL}, ex-US member SlashieBoy has joined {|4U|}, while Egyptian clan hopper Splinty got rejected in his most recent application there. Finally, the new Barricaded Suspects clan Protech has seen many new and controversial recruits, such as Killer and Alko, who had been kicked for admitting to using ini hacks but was re-accepted after a private member poll voted in favour of giving him "another chance".

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SoH's recruitment brings more entertainment

We've talked alot about SoH clan before, from an article exposing their history to an article showing how pathetic their recruitment policy is.  In this current time, apart from the VIP World Cup and UAC being ddosed, nothing much is happening in the community - but you can always count on SoH to entertain you.

Recently, {FAB} clan banned two players from Portugal thinking they were using undercover identities. One of the people they were suspecting was TUGA, a player known to most of the 1.0 VIP world for his failed project {TWT} and the joke {|UF|} clan he restarted a few months ago. Although {FAB} suspected wrong in that case, TUGA has actually been playing undercover instead in the "best clan ever" SoH, under the nickname Poison. He actually joined in December 2012, at the same time his girlfriend joined undercover too. She surprisingly got found out and kicked, but Poison remained and went AFK before recently announcing he is back on the clan forum.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Antics added as insurance

The use of Antics has now been made mandatory in the VIP World Cup, to avoid further postponed matches. Although the most popular option in the poll was to "cancel the match", it is clear now that UAC being down is not a rare occurrence as it has been inaccessible throughout the week. Therefore, the next two popular options (1 or 2 refs and Antics) has been applied. In order to play on the main tournament server, you will need to download Antics, which you can do by clicking here.

The single file must be placed in the SWAT4 directory under the System folder.  It is important that you install it manually and not to rely on the auto-download mod as this can cause SWAT to crash upon map change.  Whilst Antics is by no means perfect it is better than nothing. However, if UAC is up by the time a match is to start, then it will still be used and all the previous rules would apply.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Killerneo busted

Providing UAC donator statuses to our readers for free starts to look like a bad idea. After a case from April another fool got busted today. »Bromance|Killer (xfire: Killerneo1234) was caught by UAC on his new account while he has also another account that was donated by S4N. Thus be becomes the third member of »Bromance team with unclean UAC register.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Poland beat India while Germany crush Tunisia

Week 1 of the World Cup has been completed, with a game played from both groups. In Group A, Germany thrashed Tunisia 12-0, while in Group B Poland secured an 8-4 victory over India. You can view the latest updated group tables here, while the organization for the second week's matches will now begin. Next week's action includes Germany vs Turkey which looks to be the first mouthwatering clash of the tournament.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Interview with |XF| duo Honeybeeh and Angelcrow

Tell us about yourself - your general real-life and SWAT history...

HoneybeehI am super wifey, mom, mentor, educator, great community volunteer, sponsor for international children.  I worked for Protech Analytical Engineering International and enjoyed watching my family play Swat 4 for 8 years.  I got convinced to play 3 years ago and fell in love playing games with family and friends.  I started the clan because we played for fun and since we were stable enough we were able to get our own server. That way we could play anytime we wanted to and didn't need to worry about someone removing us because we made a mistake or whatever.  

Angelcrow: I am a girl who grew up with her older brother, since we were kids we were having fun playing all kinds of games. So I loved videogames since I was a child, I am loving them until now and I’m 29 and working as a professor.   Games have one goal -> giving fun and good moments to remember.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Groups and schedule drawn for World Cup

8 teams signed in before Sunday's deadline and today the groups were drawn, with Group A featuring England, Germany, Tunisia and Turkey while Group B includes the Czech Republic, India, Poland and Russia, in what looks to be the tougher of the two groups. You can view this video to see how the drawing process took place. The schedule has also been prepared, with the first set of matches coming up this weekend.  You may see servers coming online but full info will be released by Thursday night. 

If any team would like a free TeamSpeak server to use while playing or training for the tournament, contact JF||ActinD (xfire: actind99) for information regarding passwords and availability of slots.