Saturday, 20 April 2013

UAC "donator" busted

One of the 22 people that were given UAC3 donator status by our blog was caught cheating today - ironically by UAC. Ex-member of {|GA|} known as AngelFire who recently applied to |URT| under the name Natokilller was caught with two accounts in short sequence - link1, link2. Because we feel personally offended by this (reportedly) girl we publish not only xfire name loliip0p but also IP range - make a good deed and ban 39.53.*.*.

RDM-KDM, superadmin in Suspects Heaven, failed in his UAC bypass attempt. After 3-days-long discussion within the community, he was kicked. Eye-opener - don't trust each and every YouTube video.

Finally, one video to give your day some colours. Player using name {FAB}TUNA using wallhack on {KL} server, but he is still active on more 1.0 VIP servers. IP is from Saudi Arabia (is there any clean player from this country?), however we are unsure if he is a name-stealer or real member of {FAB}. Inform us if you know.