Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cheaters report

It's been some time since the previous cheaters watch, so who were the sinners in the last month?

- Member of FBI community bbobov4 with his UAC name genna.

- HoP server player |PB|_Lysy_ had over 2000 clean screens on UAC until he decided to change that with his account expower.

- Former {SWT} member bunnyhoppermkd was caught twice. After his première he continued cheating mainly on SH server by running game on one PC and UAC on another. Thanks to the fact that admins did not ask him to upload screens he could do that until he was caught for the second time.

- DoK|»Pionnier was the first UAC victim of JF RD tournament, causing his team this loose by contumacy.

- »Cartel«Soap (xfire: percy93) was second "star" of the same tournament. Luckily for his now ex-clan, opponent agreed on rematch without this looser. Later he tried joining {SWT}, but got denied just to be accepted to |URT| clan soon after.

- Speaking of |URT| this is the first clan we would like to warn you about (btw not for the first time). Their players change names often and they accept players with cheating history without questions. Some of them accuse of cheats, but they themselves refuse to join UAC. Our recommendation is to ask them to join UAC automatically and if they refuse to do so immediately, take further admin actions.

- Second team that has a high number of people from UAC cheaters list is 2pro4u playing 1.1 mostly. Looking at their roster half of them has a cheating record, so once they ask you for a match, insist on playing with UAC (note that some of them won't be able to do so due to HW ban).