Sunday, 30 June 2013

Clan War Report (27th May - 30 June)

JF|| beat IST| (13-2)
JF|| beat «|SoH|» (10-2)
{FAB} beat |FUN| (2-0)
{KL} beat IST(7-1)

|GSE| beat |GROM| (188-107)
|GSE| beat |GROM| (236-170)
nRs| beat |XF| (237-103)
wtF| beat |XF| (256-202)
|URT| beat |GROM| (130-85)
|GROM| beat |URT| (209-143)
|GROM| beat |URT| (204-201)
nRs| beat wtF| (121-108)

Total 8 teams have registered for this tournament:

Swat 4 News will provide weekly updates on this tournament.

Friday, 28 June 2013

URT cheating legacy continues

One more player from URT clan - Kalbar (xfire kalbar10001) - has been busted on UAC. He is a 1.1 player who recently joined URT. According to the leader Reisp, Kalbar moved to 1.0 for which he downloaded this game, and he didn't know that the file contained cheats.  The incident was then escalated to the UAC forums, with |XF| member Satan strangely suggesting that the detected file hook.dll was a virus and not a cheat.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

|FUN| founder JAHR succumbs to cheats (again)

Founder and leader of |FUN| clan JAHR (xfire jahr1977) got busted by UAC more than two years ago. He continued using his marked profile without further incidents. Until today, when he created a new account with symptomatic name prueba123456. Quite a bad example for his clan mates, ain't it?  But well, he is not the only clan founder with dirty history.

Friday, 21 June 2013

(NwA) walking alone or not?

Never Walk Alone is the name of newly started clan currently having two members from Turkey as you can see in their xfire group. Though they do not have a website, they do possess a 1.0 BS server. You might want to pay it a visit before it disappears as these new projects so commonly do these days.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Clan member watch

Long time since one of these types of articles. The latest movement in the community includes former SoH member TBone joining {FAB} under the nickname Radar, alongside ex-RUS1 player Marine. Serbian shooter Bane (of {|UF|} origin) has become a KL recruit, while Namibian hitman Bulldog has just been rejected full membership in his most recent application there. Finally, 1.1 Polish marksman VerSo has become an ||ESA|| recruit.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

VIP World Cup goes ahead

You said, we did!  Visit the SWAT 4 Tournament forum to see more information about rules and how this tournament will be run. Server info and sponsors will be provided if enough interest is shown. Over the coming days clan forums can expect to be spammed, with the deadline for sign-up the 30th of June.  A thanks to LoveMonkey (xfire: soniaferreira) for providing the banner.

Teams signed in: 8

Friday, 7 June 2013

Interview with JF||ActinD

1 Tell us about yourself, which clan you reside in, and your history in SWAT, other clans (if any), the amount of time you spent in clan, roles and responsibilities in clan. 

I started playing SWAT4 3 or 4 years ago, I don't remember well. My first clan was «|PL|» Polish Legion, guy named Aljen invited me to join. My experience with SWAT back then was low so in a month or so I  accepted his invitation. I started playing from Adept rank and with high GameTracker score I was promoted to higher and higher ranks, till I've reached the highest General rank. Above me were only 3 clan founders: EdnA, DeoN and Aljen. I spent a lot of time in that clan and met awesome players there, and I am still playing with them in JF||. I can truly say that time in this clan was the best time I spent in this game.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

EmoPig returns and joins |WM|

Former clan leader/founder of {KL} clan who left last year in November has joined |WM| clan as a recruit. While leaving {KL}, EmoPig mentioned that because of a lack of time, he decided to leave the game for good. But recently he could be seen playing on various servers mainly on {KL} with name "Big_black_clock". It would be expected that the Romanian shooter may join his old clan again, but to people's surprise he decided otherwise. According to EmoPig "some things changed" because of which he decided not to join Kahuna Land again. We can only guess what is behind his decision.

Monday, 3 June 2013

«ß29» ex-leader busted and joining «|SoH|»

Stargate (xfire: sassi74), leader of now inactive RD clan «ß29», was caught cheating yesterday. Shortly before this incident he applied to «|SoH|» under the name LightMan. By now, he is already accepted to this infamous clan which is just another proof of absolutely pathetic recruitment that only some Polish clans can compete with.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Home for clanless players or a ghost-town?

After the epic fail of reborn {TWT} clan named UF which is closed now, there is a new project sharing people behind it. This time their idea is to unite players without a clan. The project named SWAT4 FREE PLAYERS has its own website and a VIP game server. Though this idea could be nice, many a project like this fails due to lack of attention. This one, so far, seems to be no exception, but it has just started.