Friday, 7 June 2013

Interview with JF||ActinD

1 Tell us about yourself, which clan you reside in, and your history in SWAT, other clans (if any), the amount of time you spent in clan, roles and responsibilities in clan. 

I started playing SWAT4 3 or 4 years ago, I don't remember well. My first clan was «|PL|» Polish Legion, guy named Aljen invited me to join. My experience with SWAT back then was low so in a month or so I  accepted his invitation. I started playing from Adept rank and with high GameTracker score I was promoted to higher and higher ranks, till I've reached the highest General rank. Above me were only 3 clan founders: EdnA, DeoN and Aljen. I spent a lot of time in that clan and met awesome players there, and I am still playing with them in JF||. I can truly say that time in this clan was the best time I spent in this game.

The only problem was EdnA, he wanted to play with very lame rules like, no windows, no camp; but the worst was that if sus caught VIP they had to see him all the time, they can't run over the map. After many conversations with him, we convinced him about shooting from windows but we couldn't make him delete this silly rule about staying with vip when he is arrested. So DeoN and rest of us decided to leave him and make a new clan, with our rules. That’s how |DWMT| was born. We played on better rules with better scores. We even achieved 3rd place in VIP league 2012 (in «|PL|» we wouldn't even know that this tourney was played ;)). Everything was good until DeoN |DWMT| founder was caught on UAC. I told him that I am leaving |DWMT| and we decided that closing it would be best option, Then I created JustFrags! Clan with same players and I hope that I will not need to close this clan and that we will last till the SWAT4 end (hope it won’t be soon ;) ).

2 Your clan achieved many things in a very limited period of time - one of the few surviving SWAT4 clans in VIP mode, hosted a successful RD tournament and also won the |WM| most valuable clan award in 2012 along with {KL}. Your take on that.

I can say that the |DWMT| times were our golden times, we had time, we had opportunity and we wanted to play better. We started playing many VIP wars, RD also. On the beginning we were loosing most of wars, but with time we learned some tactics, and more importantly - teamwork. About the won match vs WM, we were just lucky thats all :) But still it counts like a win. We actually are one of the few surviving SWAT4 clans in VIP mode, but I never look on this like that. We're playing VIP mode just because we like it ;) RD is a good mode too, we like to play wars on it, that was one of the reasons for our RD tournament, but to be honest most of the work about this tourno was made by P_Y_R_A, it was his idea to make it, but he left us in the middle of it, and I had to take care about that.

3 Recently you recruited some UAC-banned players in your clan, which is criticized by the members of SWAT4 community, given the fact that |DWMT| was closed because one of the leaders was caught cheating. How would you justify your actions? 

Heh I was waiting for this question ;). It's true like I said earlier we closed |DWMT| becouse of DeoN's accident. I think that clan whose leadership is banned on UAC has a bad reputation, it guided me back then. But now I realized that it is not important at all, and we're mates for some years, we know each other very well and I am pretty sure that if I would be on DeoN's or Assasins's place they would make the same decision as I did. For now, I don't really care what other clans/players think about us. We are playing this game for fun, to relax from work/school/girlfriends etc :). We started playing it together and we'll end it together. 

4 What can we expect from JF|| clan in future?

I was thinking about a tournament on VIP mode this time, but some problems in real life couldn't let me do it, but it doesn't mean that I let go of this idea. I hope we could make it in holiday time, also we will participate in it and maybe we will achieve a good position in it. About SWAT it would be all for now, but as a clan we've opened a FIFA 13 and Call of Duty 4 section just in case that if SWAT will fall down, we as a community will have a game to spend time together.