Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Free UAC Donator Status (Closed)

The 22 people who kindly supplied their UAC ID's should have donation statuses applied on their accounts by now. Please note that this status does not protect you if you are caught cheating in the future!

Original article:
That's right, if you would like to have donation status on your UAC3 account for free, read on! Thanks to the funding recieved from the blog advertisements, S4N will be donating €30* to the developer of the anti-cheat. However, to show our appreciation to you readers, we will request this amount to be split among 30 UAC users.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, leave your UAC username and ID in the comments section. This will work on a first come first serve basis, if we receive more than 30 requests then those who asked the earliest will be given priority. As long as you have a clean cheating background, you will likely be approved. But what's the catch? There is none! All this has been funded through ads on the site, which was made possible through having active visitors such as yourselves. 

What are the benefits of being a UAC donator? Well, you get the special icon on your web profile page (showing that you care about fair play), and that frustrating 15-second wait before entering a match ID will happen no more! Leave the required info below to feel these advantages free of charge!

*Increased due to demand. PayPal fees deemed irrelevant, 5 extra slots added.