Sunday, 3 March 2013

The better your PC specs, the more you lag?

The title might not sound logical, but after asking many people I found this hypothesis to be true - people tend to experience more non-Internet lags in SWAT when they play on a higher PC specification, as opposed to on a lower spec. So I thought I'd make a quick survey to see if this statement holds true over a wider sample of players. 

BEFORE attempting the survey, please read the important notes listed beneath it, it only takes a few minutes to complete and it ensures a more accurate survey result:

To find out your PC technical information, click Start --> Run --> Type: dxdiag --> Press OK/Enter. Your CPU and RAM can be found on the "System" tab, on the lines 'Processor' and 'Memory'. Your GPU can be found on the "Display" tab, on the line 'Device Name'.

For Question 1, refer to this heirarchy chart. Use your browser's 'Find' facility to locate the model of your CPU more easily. If you browser cannot find a match, choose between the 'I cannot find my CPU' options in the survey.

For Question 2, refer to this heirarchy chart. Use the same steps described above to find your Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) more quickly.

For Question 4, the word 'Frequent' can be better described as, atleast 1 or more uncontrollable lag every normal round you play.