Wednesday, 6 March 2013

GameTracker support for SWAT4 is back!

 EDIT October 5, 2013: new version of this fix is available, read more HERE.

Server banner alternative is useful, but it has some bugs and lacks advanced features. Finally it is possible to add your server to real GameTracker again and enjoy server rankings, player statistics and all other perks we were used to. There is a fix which allows your SWAT4 server to use both GameSpy Query protocol v1 (used by xfire,,...) and v2 (used by GameTracker) simultaneously. How to make it work?

For all game versions and admin mods, follow these steps:
  1. Turn your game server off.
  2. Download this file GSV2.u.
  3. Save it to Content/System folder on your server.
  4. Open Swat4DedicatedServer.ini
  5. Replace this line
    with this one
  6. Save the file.
  7. Launch your game server.
Now you can register your SWAT4 server with GameTracker. When doing so, use your join port and as query port use (joinport+2). For example if your join port is 10480, use 10482 as your query port.

Alternatively, if your server is running Gez 22/22.1 admin mod you can download only this file AMMod.u and replace the current one on your server with it. No need to do any INI modifications, but if you want, you can set your own v2 query port by changing this line in your Swat4DedicatedServer.ini:

Autotext in your server will show this after succesful installation:

All of this was made possible by:
  • TR1GGER, creator of HoP mod, who provided the code responsible for query protocol usage
  • MarkieBoy, for his server list solution, used also in this fix
  • |MYT|BaDTimE, who put the pieces together and compiled the inputs into a working fix
It is probable, that MarkieBoy will incorporate this solution into his releases of server-side list fixes. Also note, that this is the first release of GT fix, future updates/fixes might become available. Though during testing all worked smooth and I do recommend trying either of the fixes if you wish to use GT again.