Sunday, 24 March 2013

1.0 server for "pro" players maybe coming

Absence of 1.0 server where players could play freely without limitations cast by ridiculous rules or inexperienced and paranoid admins gave birth to an idea presented by |WM|Michal. The aim of his initiative posted at KL forum is to create one server serving all clans and free-lance players who prefer more "hard-core" rules (camping allowed and spawn camping only when bomb is near or when VIP is near exit were mentioned). This group of players, unless not united, is not big enough to fill a successful server, so instead of having a number of empty servers there is a chance of joining them into one full (or at least not hopelessly empty). However some players, who certainly count themselves into this group, tend to have miscellaneous flaws in personality qualities which might bring problems to the potential co-operation. The game mode, payments, name and other details have not been discussed yet. Days to come will show, if the idea becomes something more or remain unnoticed.