Thursday, 4 July 2013

Interview with |XF| duo Honeybeeh and Angelcrow

Tell us about yourself - your general real-life and SWAT history...

HoneybeehI am super wifey, mom, mentor, educator, great community volunteer, sponsor for international children.  I worked for Protech Analytical Engineering International and enjoyed watching my family play Swat 4 for 8 years.  I got convinced to play 3 years ago and fell in love playing games with family and friends.  I started the clan because we played for fun and since we were stable enough we were able to get our own server. That way we could play anytime we wanted to and didn't need to worry about someone removing us because we made a mistake or whatever.  

Angelcrow: I am a girl who grew up with her older brother, since we were kids we were having fun playing all kinds of games. So I loved videogames since I was a child, I am loving them until now and I’m 29 and working as a professor.   Games have one goal -> giving fun and good moments to remember.

I started playing Swat in 2006, the single player, after 2 years I discovered the Multiplayer version (because that was the time I bought my own pc). I was playing CO-OP for 3 years, and I was a co-founder of a clan which was based in tactical CO-OP gaming.  After that I started playing BS, and found it very interesting, so for the last 2 years I only play this kind of mode. I love the simplicity of BS in Swat4, more than MW or Battlefield.

Currently, only XF and ELITE PRO server remain active in 1.1 BS scene. Does that make you sad or proud that your server is among the last standing as SWAT heads towards its death?

Honeybeeh XtremeFire is active anytime our team comes in and out of the day.  We are not sad because we believed as long as there is internet..and people who still enjoy the game, SWAT4 will be around.  Someone has to make a living somehow, a little bit here and there and it all accumulates together. 

Angelcrow: My feelings are mixed. I'm very sad that Swat4, my favorite game is heading probably to an end, but something inside me tells me that it will not happen, because I still believe that Swat4 will stay alive, even though less players are actually playing. The fact that XF and Elite are still active makes me happy.  Firstly, for the clan that I belong to, because it proves that it is a clan-server that still cares about this game. As for Elite I’m glad that it's an active server;  because what I want is to keep this game alive and more active servers means more time to keep Swat alive.

3 If a friend or fellow XF member got caught cheating, would you give them a second chance?

Honeybeeh: I believe in second chances especially in games.  That is how players learn the hard way after they find out they can't play on their favorite server - they learn not to do it again.  In some cases they stop but not all cases apply..

Angelcrow: The word ''friend'' has a very serious meaning, so if someone is actually my friend, which means that he gained my trust and care yet got caught cheating means 2 things. First: no second chance (if he did it on purpose) and second: I was a fool for believing him/her. If one of my fellows in XF got caught cheating, then I can't give him a second chance, because he has lost the meaning/point of this game. Swat is about having fun, but some players turned it into a contest of points and ''who has the better skills'' -> so, if that is the reason you are playing we don't have nothing in common.

4 There is a new tournament about to start in VIP mode, entitled the "World Cup".  Will you be participating? [note, question asked on 23/06]

Honeybeeh: Of course. It's all about fun and doing the best you can to show what you are capable of doing and to contribute for yourself or for your country. 

Angelcrow: I heard about this kind of tournament and I am interested in it. Playing for your country is something new and funny. I have thought about participating, but still I'm thinking about it. I think some XF members are going to participate in this tournament.

5 Finally, tell us what you believe the future holds for XtremeFire clan.

Honeybeeh: Future for us is clear – we were built like a family and we are always gonna be connected no matter what happens to Swat 4. We can’t expand to other games but we’re here to play whenever we have time for one another.  We built this clan solidly for 3 years for family and friends.  We will always have fun and we hold tight like family.

Angelcrow: All I can say is that as long as XF is still a Swat4 Clan I will be here, playing, supporting all players and helping. If XF expands to another game I'll be glad to participate there too. More players are asking to join in our clan, so Swat is still alive and we are going to exploit every minute of its life to play!