Thursday, 18 July 2013

Antics added as insurance

The use of Antics has now been made mandatory in the VIP World Cup, to avoid further postponed matches. Although the most popular option in the poll was to "cancel the match", it is clear now that UAC being down is not a rare occurrence as it has been inaccessible throughout the week. Therefore, the next two popular options (1 or 2 refs and Antics) has been applied. In order to play on the main tournament server, you will need to download Antics, which you can do by clicking here.

The single file must be placed in the SWAT4 directory under the System folder.  It is important that you install it manually and not to rely on the auto-download mod as this can cause SWAT to crash upon map change.  Whilst Antics is by no means perfect it is better than nothing. However, if UAC is up by the time a match is to start, then it will still be used and all the previous rules would apply.