Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SoH's recruitment brings more entertainment

We've talked alot about SoH clan before, from an article exposing their history to an article showing how pathetic their recruitment policy is.  In this current time, apart from the VIP World Cup and UAC being ddosed, nothing much is happening in the community - but you can always count on SoH to entertain you.

Recently, {FAB} clan banned two players from Portugal thinking they were using undercover identities. One of the people they were suspecting was TUGA, a player known to most of the 1.0 VIP world for his failed project {TWT} and the joke {|UF|} clan he restarted a few months ago. Although {FAB} suspected wrong in that case, TUGA has actually been playing undercover instead in the "best clan ever" SoH, under the nickname Poison. He actually joined in December 2012, at the same time his girlfriend joined undercover too. She surprisingly got found out and kicked, but Poison remained and went AFK before recently announcing he is back on the clan forum.

SoH members do not know who Poison is, and having read down to this point, they probably still won't believe its TUGA.  So lets see the talking style, always the biggest clue when detecting undercovers. This player's quality of English (including famous word "yu") doesn't really help him (click on image to expand):-

The one thing that could've fooled SoH was that Poison was using a UK IP. But if they used their brains, they would remember his "girlfriend" used a German IP on her undercover application, so another use of a proxy wouldn't exactly be a surprise.

To add to all this, since the FAB topic was created, a video was posted of a player named TUGA seemingly using no recoil. Conclusion? An embarrassing couple and a joke of a clan.  We could go on and on about other similar recruitment fails in SoH, such as the famous Saudi hacker Fahad Don (originally reported here) becoming a full member using the nick Bazinga, and more. In the past, all these things used to bring frustration, but now its just hard not to a suppress a laugh.