Saturday, 5 January 2013

SoH-TWT relations quietly deteriorate

In the past month, you could argue the spotlight has been on the S|H community for their admin actions, recruitment and their server getting crashed as a result. However, legendary VIP clans SoH and TWT have also been having their fair share of "drama" in recent weeks. First of all a player by the name of DanishHunter (or 'Daddy' as he is known to friends) left SoH, claiming he has no time to play anymore. On the same day he went on to join TWT with a slightly different nickname. Although this is old news now, with Danish having since left TWT, it proved to be a starter for which the main course was to follow.

TWT leader Emmeken then applied to join SoH with an undercover nickname Katja, and was duly accepted. She lasted a couple of weeks before SoH eventually found out what was happening. Both these events can be summed up by one word beginning with R, which we will leave you to guess. Thanks to the anon xfire user for the original supply of info.