Monday, 7 January 2013

Mini-RD tournament on Sirens Den map finished

Yesterday the tiny RD tournament played on Sirens den map finished with its last (3rd) match. 4 teams - imo the ideal number for this kind of event - signed for the tournament, unfortunately MG team left due to lack of members. The new night-club champion is the Swat4News team created from authors of this blog, members of FoX and an ex-WRS player, to be more precise: PimpMyGun, Sun alias Carl, CriS, Mati, reverend and Mig.

All results can be found here, while the final "table" is the following:
1. place - Swat4News - 3 points for 1 victory 1 tie. Round score 6:2
2. place - JustFrags! - 2 points for 2 ties. Round score 4:4
3. place - EPIC - 1 point for 1 tie. Round score 2:4

Regarding possible continuation of this tournament on other new maps - my situation changed, I have almost no internet at home so I cannot play nor host a training server. However, if your team would like to experience a clan-war on an unknown territory (next map would be probably Desert Ops Village), let me know in comments and I can organize it.