Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Will the last player of SWAT4 be a cheater?

Player formerly known as Styxer has achieved his 3rd cheat account on UAC. On the same day he created a new xfire Stanec. He was shortly in B3STofSVK&CZE&EU^^ team. Btw, all UAC-caught cheaters from Slovakia are or were members of this team (other two are Titan/Tomasek/Undersound and Jozoo/Free).

Zeidorf (xfire: artkrasav4ik), who was accepted to <RUS1> recently despite of warnings about his dubious past, is now a confirmed cheater. And though he was playing undercover he is not amongst the lucky who have highly dynamic IP, so it was easy to identify him. I made these two videos today - one where he was using long-arms and one with no-recoil.

«|T3F|»Digital_Eyes (xfire: waheebalnoty) is the latest addition to UAC cheaters list. You can remember him with name Dr_Mega in T3 clan, where he got a kick for - what else - cheating as we informed here.

I hope you noticed a new a list of current "threats" present on the right side of the blog. It contains cheating players who are active on servers these days so you can range ban them or at least stay vigilant. Maybe you find it useful.