Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Effective fight against cheaters in {|GA|} clan

Rarely we praise here for attitude towards cheaters, but seeing the actions taken in Guardian Angels clan to prevent cheating we do now. Apart from UAC check these guys go further. Their usual methods include checking of players during game play, they take seriously cheating reports made by other players and even use TeamViewer to find cheats on applicant's computers which has proved to be especially effective several times already. Last prey of this hunt was a player from exotic Sri Lanka named LKwarrior (UAC: LKwarrior, xfire: ravinath). In the past, they were similarly successful in catching other applicants Winter, Hunter, MarrY and Farid (who was later accepted to SH community).

Question every clan representative should ask himself: Is there something that attracts these losers to join {|GA|}, as they represent around 50% of all their applicants? Or the situation is likely to be similar in many other clans, but due to insufficient or completely absent precautions those cheaters remain veiled?