Monday, 26 August 2013

Turkey win the World Cup

After securing a 7-3 victory over Germany last night, Turkey were crowned champions of the VIP World Cup tournament. A big congrats to them. You can find the full summary of the all the tourney events below:

Group Stage

3rd Place play-off and Final
As explained here, the final match-up was to be between the top two countries from Group A, and the 3rd place play-off between the top two countries from Group B. Unfortunately, Czech Republic didn't turn up on server at the agreed time and thus the Russians were awarded 3rd place on the grounds of a no-show. However, the final didn't disappoint with a full 5v5 match in which Turkey went on to win 7-3, with two tied rounds in the Courthouse map.

How the Tournament was won
Turkey were unbeaten in 43 rounds over the course of the Cup, a 72% success rate when you consider a maximum of 60 rounds (5 matches x 12). They also never lost the "mini-game" on their chosen map; no other country managed to achieve this. 

Massive thanks to:
  - All the referees (esp Sex who had a major role, as well as MrDurden, Linux, Dida, Yoda, Mig, and others who featured in fewer games),
- All the teams (countries) that took part and fulfilled their matches,
- Server hosters Rugi and Maverick who provided their servers on discount - for info on their services and prices contact them on xFire, or you can visit Maverick's site - just click on the banner. 

Winners: Turkey                                   Runners-up: Germany                                 3rd Place: Russia