Tuesday, 13 March 2012

OPINION: The ViP community is messed up

Bit of time since I done one of these articles but after recent events I had no choice. There are so many things messed up with the v1.0 ViP community right now, it's pretty sad.

First I'll go with the most recent thing happening just this morning; UFS clan accepting ex-SuR Assassin into their clan for the third time, the man who was caught using double-clan identities twice before, and leader ManWithGun then abusing a Guest forum user who was questioning the decision. They thanked us for giving the info about him but to be honest there was really no point of us doing that.

Then you've got the {|4U|} and Elie saga, with the Qatari unable to accept that his clan is dieing due to his leadership, taking out his fury instead on the clan that is growing successfully whilst his own crumbles. His reasoning of "I don't have much time to lead clan anyway" doesn't fool anyone; soon he will join Justice in the hall of fame as the only leaders to lead a clan twice and fail both times. Elie has also undertook multiple attempts to hack this website in recent weeks, most recently using a SoH member to convince a member of S4N to share the login details to the control panel of the blog. I don't think it's a coincidence that the SoH website was hacked the day after the SoH member failed in his attempts.

Next, you've got a new upcoming Indian community which is being lead by Jackal coming soon, and it seems he hasn't learnt anything from his Blood days; a few weeks ago he told my friend that he was looking to give "high ranks to make members happy". Some people will never learn. Finally, as a side point, you've got people using undercover xFire IDs and accounts to fool others; as well as joining other clans with undercover nicks, just 'for a prank'. The ViP community is f**ked up right now.